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Mend these broken wings and let my voice rise up to sing!
I’ve been spending way to long
hiding in the shadows.
I am not a nobody;
though it’s all I previously aspired to be.
I want the world to see me be free.
These shackles have held me down for too long
and I hid behind my strength.
I cowered far away from crowns
for I feared royalty
was not my place!

I used to walk alone

and dare not speak my pain.

I thought I only had one virtue
and that was in my strength,
but now I see
the shadow over me
is no longer one from dreary days.
It’s the wings I need
from you I seek
a warm and forever safe place!

You are always there when I need you

to keep me going strong
and even though I try not to burden you
out of fear that what I feel is wrong,
you retributively tell me to stay.
And I can’t take another step.
I reconcile with my regrets
and whatever else I think;
you stop me every time
I try to up and walk away.
You fly right above me
and guide me to my place
and I know where I’m going when I see you
on those damning days.
I hope you know that I am grateful!
I try desperately to reciprocate.
But you never have any needs
for me to light YOUR way.
I know, you know I’m here for you;

but each time I can I’ll say, 
“I’m right here if you want or need anything!

all you have to say is… “
”Hey you got a second?”

I know one day you’ll beckon
and I pray I lift you up!
You inspire me with your disposition
and your constant state,
you swept my mind
away from time
and made my pain
Thank you for taking me under your wings!
Thanks for teaching me to fly.
I know I’m not an easy student,
but your kind teachings take me higher!
Your wings are made of love and ice
and I of strength and fire.
I pray that you and I remain
more than just a memory.

You mean so much more than you will ever know

to me.

So I’ll mend these broken wings and
lift my voice to sing
my praise unto you,
and I hope you know your precious wings
mean to me
most everything
~ Dawn Lowe

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