Beacon Student Presents at Regional Psych Convention

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Laney Leichter recently showed off her researching prowess on a big stage last month when she presented research she conducted as a Beacon College student at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her presentation, “EQ and Autism,” focused on the intersection of emotional intelligence and learning disabilities. The research she conducted […]

Beacon Student Delivers Presentation on Ravages of Coral Reefs at International Conference

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Alex Rhodes - anthrozoology student

As a scuba diving and scuba ecology instructor, Alex Rhodes has developed a fondness for the beauty land dwellers often don’t see. So, when the senior anthrozoology major decided to take a shot presenting at the prestigious Anthrozoology as International Practice student conference at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom the choice of topic was clear. And when he learned that his presentation, “The Effects of Tourism on Coral Reefs,” was selected as the only undergraduate presentation out of 10 U.S. lecturers, Rhodes was thrilled.

Masters of the Masterpiece: Senior Artists Wow in ‘Big Reveal’ Exhibit

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Two Beacon seniors showcased their art bona fides in April with their senior portfolios during an exhibition at the Kristin Michelle Mason Art Gallery at Beacon College. In his exhibition, titled “Sentiment,” Anthony Manzano-Lee presented 10 disparate works, while Emily Marra showed off her artistic chops with “Undiscovered Changes,” an exhibition of 17 pieces.

Grit, Determination Drive Freshman’s Unquenchable Dream for College

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Sarina and child

She set out at dawn on her highway marathon, a 2,400-mile journey to a new life. With her three-year-old daughter as copilot, Sarina Alford covered the continent-long trail in three days — a feat that most travelers would never tackle. Her destination: Beacon College, Florida. From suburban San Diego to Leesburg, Alford was driven by the hope of a college education and a career in her future. It was something that had seemed all but impossible earlier in her life as she wrestled with dyslexia and other learning issues. Last year, however, her mother found Beacon online and shared what she found with Alford.