Beacon Learning Specialists Play Big Role Helping Students Connect

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male student checking in at desk for learning specialist appointment

The Center for Student Success is the home base for Beacon learning specialists. By Gabrielle Russon Whenever a freshman walks into learning specialist Melissa Mayor’s office, she shares a piece of herself, like how she is a sports fan or grew up in a military family — anything to build trust. “The connection starts the […]

Beacon May Grow Role on Global Stage with Potential UAE Partnership

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President George Hagerty and Dr. Oksana Hagerty attend the third Learning Difficulties Conference in Sharjah. By Richard Burnett More than five years since its work in the United Arab Emirates began, Beacon College has opened a new chapter in its partnership with that country’s leading advocacy group for students with learning differences, President Dr. George […]

Beacon Alum and Professor Share Tragedy and Triumph in New Musical

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By Richard Burnett A decade ago, Remy Partlow’s family in Alaska was in crisis. Abandoned by the father, their mother suffered from bipolar depression and Remy wrestled with autism. Later, trapped in an abusive relationship, Remy fled 4,000 miles to Central Florida, escaping a violent, drug-addicted boyfriend. Today, the pain of those days has gradually […]

‘Tis the Season: Beacon Community Members Share Holiday Traditions

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Whether it’s the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ or the Jewish observance of God’s ancient faithfulness, many people around the world come together to bond over faith, food, fun and festivities. Some Beacon students, administrators and staff shared their own memories and traditions for this article.

Beacon Staffers Take it to the Stage in Play that Reveals Life Lessons about Jealousy and Hatred

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Fighting over a man is a tragedy as old as time. In fact, it’s biblical. Indeed, the inspirational play “The Bad Girls of the Bible: Pick Your Poison” draws its inspiration from the Good Book, and its relatable and very human story of how jealousy devastates like a plague of locusts is what inspired Beacon staffers Tanya Harris-Rocker and Fredrica Mack to join the production.

More Robust Technology Means Beacon Students Enjoy Learning Upgrade

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When Mac Hudson took the technology reins at Beacon College in late 2020, he knew he was in for a challenging ride. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the veteran corporate IT consultant’s mission was threefold: modernize the college’s computer infrastructure, make it easier to use, especially for remote-learning, and fortify an IT staff decimated by departures during the pandemic.

New Beacon Program Strives to Build Bounce-back Muscles in Students

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Resiliency Initiative

What is the common theme of the comeback? The hero overcomes adversity through courage and resilience. In recent years, a number of colleges across the U.S. have focused on helping students write their own “comeback stories” of resilience amid the heightened stress of going to college during a pandemic.