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Embrace Your Own Possibility

“Pursuing the life abundant” is the pervading theme that infuses everything we do at Beacon College. It’s something we take very seriously indeed.

The standard educational approach for students who learn differently is accommodation, chipping at the edges of standard collegiate practices in an effort to help these students get by.

That isn’t enough for Beacon, and we will not accept it for our students. We empower our students not to “make do,” but to make, to do, to dream, and to be the most that they can be. Both within the classroom and far beyond it, Beacon faculty and staff nurture a vivacious learning laboratory that calls upon our students to seek and cherish all of life’s richness.

The Life Abundant

Intellectual Challenges

You are challenged to find your fullest potential intellectually. For students who learn differently, this typically first involves coming to grips with how you learn — and what you need to learn.

Ethical and Moral Principles

All of life and work are situated within a set of guiding principles. At Beacon, we help our students both discover and live in those principles within an overarching context of forthrightness.

Positive Social Networks

In a high-tech world, it is often easy to lose sight of the critical importance of other people in building full and fulfilling lives. At Beacon, you will create the healthy moorings of key social relationships.

Worthy Work

Getting your college degree isn’t an ending — it’s a beginning. At Beacon, we integrate a career exploration experience into your entire four-year curriculum. From day one, you’ll prepare for the work you want to do.

Service to Community

We are all part of the larger fabric of society. Community service is essential for a fulfilling life. At Beacon, you are consistently invited to get involved with our surrounding community through a range of activities.


Wellness embraces many aspects — physical, mental, and emotional. College students are at a critical juncture where they first become responsible for caring for themselves. At Beacon, you are empowered to delve into all your wellness needs.

Dreams and Ambitions

Too often, students who learn differently are defined by their disability. At Beacon, you are defined by your interests, ambitions, and what you want to do. You are on a path of curiosity, delight, and accomplishment that will sustain you for the rest of your life.

Blazing New Paths

Our commitment is to continue providing the opportunity for the life abundant for our students. Contributions are essential to elevating Beacon's advancement on the international stage as the premier institution of higher education for students with learning and attention challenges. You can help by contributing a gift today!