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Committed to Lifting Student Outcomes

Beacon’s specialized Center for College Readiness staff supports students and families throughout their college journey.

In more than 30 years of providing wrap-around higher education degrees exclusively to students who learn differently, our experts have learned what students need to be successful in college, how to assess college readiness — and how to build those skills before students arrive on campus. We began in 2016 with the Summer for Success immersion program for high school students. In 2018, we began to offer Navigator PREP exclusively to incoming Beacon College students, to prepare them for our campus and introduce them to Beacon’s resources. Recognizing the success of this program in preparing that class, and the global need for this personalized program, we expanded Navigator PREP in 2019 to students attending any college.

Now, these family-centered programs have helped nearly 2,000 students enroll at their college or university of choice, nationwide. We have added new programs each year, intentionally designed to fill gaps in traditional college resources, and to help students and families address their needs at each stage of the college journey. Our staff of specially trained transition counselors work individually with students and families around the world, helping them prepare for their own personal college goals.

Our Leadership

Dale Herold

Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management and Auxiliary Program Initiatives


Alexander Morris-Wood

Vice President of Program Development and Global Partnerships; Dean of Admissions for the Center for College Readiness


The Center for College Readiness

Brody Glidden

Director of Summer Programs and Bookstore


Ashley Milito

Director of Virtual College Readiness Programs


Wil Truit Matthews

School Partnership Coordinator and Transition Counselor


Steven DeMartis

Transition Counselor (Northeast Region)


Sheila Faulkner-Loser

Transition Counselor (Pacific West Region)


Marketing & Communications

Samantha Gordon

Executive Director of Enrollment Marketing, Communications and Systems