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Building a Strong Foundation

College readiness is more than being well-prepared academically.

It’s about ensuring college-bound students have the skills and confidence to adapt and grow as they make new friends, experience greater personal freedom, and adjust to changing routines and unfamiliar settings.

Those skills are challenging for any young person — but for students who learn differently, the need for college readiness takes on ever greater importance.

Beacon College’s Center for College Readiness draws on our successful 35-year history of working exclusively with students who learn differently and shares this expertise with students and families through hands-on learning and one-to-one coaching.

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Guiding Students to College Success

Each year, our college readiness counselors help hundreds of students discover their “right fit” at colleges nationwide based on their interests, personal goals, and learning needs.

Nearly 2,000 students have participated in one or more of our family-centric college readiness programs to prepare for their college of choice. They are enrolled at dozens of 2- and 4-year private and public colleges and universities nationwide and enjoy a statistically high success rate at the institution of their choice.

Explore our programs designed to support students on their journey to college success — beginning in their junior year of high school through enrollment at any college.

Navigating College Expectations

Students learn to navigate the expectations of college academics, including understanding syllabi, managing their schedule, assignment planning, and deadlines.

Building Essential Skills

We create real-life opportunities for students to experience, practice, and develop critical executive function skills, such as time management and self-motivation.

Adjusting to Campus Life

College brings more than new scenery — students must also prepare for the challenges of roommates, navigating campus, joining social groups, managing their own healthcare, and more.

Self Advocating

Students learn the strategies and language needed to advocate for themselves and their academic needs with professors, advisors, the disability office, and other scenarios that arise in college.

Social & Emotional Health

Students proactively prepare for the social and emotional demands of college, such as finding friends, managing personal routines, and balancing school and social obligations.

Family Communication

Informed preparation for the separation process and shift in communication helps reduce the stress and conflict families experience during these times of transition.

Our Programs

Summer for Success

Our 3-week campus immersion experience focuses on giving current high school sophomores and juniors the skills, confidence, and preparation needed to successfully transition to college. It introduces them to the expectations of college and the experience of living independently on a college campus.

Summer for Success

College Edge (Summer)

Designed for current high school seniors, recent graduates, and college transfer students, this 2-week on-campus summer workshop targets self-awareness and skill-building in areas critical to college success: academic, executive functioning, and social and emotional well-being.

College Edge

Intro to College Academics

This series of hands-on, project-based, 8-week online courses provides current high school juniors and seniors with a dedicated small-class setting to develop the skills needed to plan and execute college-level assignments in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Intro to College Academics

Navigator PREP Jr.

This virtual six-month program helps current high school juniors proactively prepare for the college application process and the transition to college through personalized coaching and hands-on activities that give them a head start on their college search.

Navigator PREP Jr.

Navigator PREP

Offering nine-month, six-month, and three-month options, this one-to-one virtual program works with current high school seniors, gap year students, and transfer students to address the executive functioning, social, and emotional regulation deficits that impede college success.

Navigator PREP

Navigator PREP College Coaching

In this virtual semester-long program, new, continuing, or transitioning college students receive one-to-one coaching and support in applying their skills within the social environment, academic rigor, and independence of college life. (This program is for students attending other colleges.)

College Coaching

Beacon Foundations

Beacon’s option for online courses offers up to 12 general education college credits through live, multimodal learning. This program also features value-added support and individualized coaching to help students develop the skills needed to succeed at their chosen college.

Beacon Foundations

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment courses allow current high school juniors and seniors to begin earning college credit toward a degree. (This program is currently available exclusively to students in our local Lake County Public School System.)

Dual Enrollment

Center for College Readiness

Do you have a question? Get in touch with the Center for College Readiness at admissions@beaconcollege.edu, or call 855-220-5376 (toll-free).