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Affordable Access

College is a significant investment, regardless of financial circumstances. Many families ask what college costs and worry whether they can afford it. But cost is only one aspect of the overall value equation.

What makes a good value in a college education is different for every family. At Beacon, we’re committed to providing added value through academic services, campus support systems, and personalized attention not available at other colleges — while remaining competitive and cost-effective.

Fast Facts

Annual tuition is competitive with other private colleges and universities nationwide.

Our total, inclusive cost of attendance is significantly lower than that of other institutions — public and private — that serve students who learn differently.

Beacon’s tuition includes myriad support services for students who learn differently which are additional costs at other institutions.

Due to our specialized mission, costs may be offset through federal medical tax deductions and/or state vocational rehabilitation funding.


All StudentsFall 2024Spring 2025Academic YearSummer 2025
Tuition$25,470$25,470$50,940Per Hour
Technology Fee$210$210$420$56
Health and Services Fee$160$160$320$43
Total Tuition & Fees$25,840$25,840$51,680
Fall 2023Spring 2024Academic YearSummer 2024
Tuition$25,467.75$25,467.75$50,935.50Per Hour
Technology Fee$205$205$410$55
Health and Services Fee$155$155$310$41
Total Tuition & Fees$25,827.75$25,827.75$51,655.50

Other Costs

On-Campus Housing

Housing rates vary from $4,255-$7,580.

All students have the option of choosing a private bedroom (if available) for an additional cost. After their first year, students participate in a housing selection process that allows them to indicate preferences for a specific room, residence facility, or roommates. These choices may affect the final housing costs as reflected on your final bill.

Freshmen and First Year Students

RAP and PARFall 2024Spring 2025Academic YearSummer 2025
Shared Bedroom$4870$4870$9740$590
Private Bedroom$6575$6575$13150$797

For complete residence facility costs, please visit the Housing page.

Meal Plan Options

We prefer that first-year students take the 19-meal plan so as to ensure full access to the meals served in the Dining Commons. The College will allow students to select the 15-meal plan should they desire; although, it is our experience that this is not an optimal option for the first year. This cost estimate is provided in the table below. Each meal plan offers a combination of meal swipes and BeaconBuck$ to be used at our on-campus cafe.

Fall 2024Spring 2025Academic YearSummer 2025
Standard Plan$3190$3190$6380$798
19 meals per week plus $100 in BeaconBuck$19 meals per week plus $100 in BeaconBuck$19 meals per week plus $100 in BeaconBuck$No Beacon Buck$
Block Plan$2600$2600$5200$651
15 meals per week plus $100 in BeaconBuck$15 meals per week plus $100 in BeaconBuck$15 meals per week plus $100 in BeaconBuck$No Beacon Buck$
Commuter Plan$312$312$624
25 meals plus $50 in BeaconBuck$ per semester25 meals plus $50 in BeaconBuck$ per semester25 meals plus $50 in BeaconBuck$ per semesterNo Beacon Buck$

If you would like to explore other meal plan options or see what is included, please visit the Dining page.

Meal swipes may be used for an all-you-care-to-eat meal in the Dining Hall or a flexible boxed meal at the Navigator Café (breakfast & lunch). BeaconBuck$ allow students to get snacks, coffee, or an extra meal at the Navigator Café. After the start of the semester, meal plans are nonrefundable.

Health Insurance

Students are required to have health insurance to study at Beacon College. If students have health insurance on their own or through their family, they can opt out of Beacon’s health insurance. Verification of this coverage will be required and must be submitted upon enrollment and annually for all students.

Health Insurance (estimated) – $4,125 Full year, $2,410 Spring entry

Explore Beacon’s Health Plan

Additional Fees

  • Application Fee – $50
  • Lab Fees – $50–300 As applicable based on course selection
  • New Student Orientation Fee – $450 First semester only
  • Graduation Fee – $375 Includes diploma, $75 Diploma only
  • Parking Permit – $50 per academic year
  • Study Abroad Orientation Fee – $500
  • Excess credit hour rate (>15): $1,213 per credit hour
  • Airport Shuttle – $50 One-way, $90 Round-trip (Airport transportation must be scheduled and paid for in advance and is not coordinated by Beacon.)

Indirect Costs

Direct costs for college include tuition and fees and room and board — basically, what shows up on your bill. However, these are not the only expenses a student incurs when attending college. Indirect costs are estimated out-of-pocket expenses that may arise as part of your attendance. Most commonly, these include things like transportation, books, supplies, and other personal expenses. Indirect costs vary for each individual and may depend on their travel distance, whether you live on campus, which meal plan you choose, and other lifestyle factors.

Indirect costs are not paid to Beacon College, but should be considered as part of your overall cost of attendance budget.

Tuition Payment Deadlines

  • Fall: Jul. 28
  • Spring: Dec. 28
  • Summer: Apr. 28
  • Fall Foundations: Aug. 15
  • Spring Foundations: Jan. 15

Missed, late, or partial payments will be assessed finance charges on the unpaid balance.

Make a Payment

Financial Aid FAQ

Our Financial Aid FAQ has the answers to many of the questions you may have about financial aid.

Financial Aid

Net Price Calculator

Beacon’s Net Price Calculator can help you estimate the cost of tuition based on your FAFSA and eligible financial aid.

Net Price Calculator

Have Questions

We are here to assist you every step of the way. Together, our financial aid staff can support you not just in preparation for your college choice, but throughout your time at Beacon. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 352-638-9792 or financialaid@beaconcollege.edu.