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Services to Help You Succeed

Outside the classroom, Beacon offers you additional academic, executive function, and social-emotional support resources every day — 100% included in the cost of tuition! Our academic support services team is here to help you succeed — in and out of the classroom!

Mathematics Lab

The Math Lab provides students with learning differences the time and support needed to be successful in math. Through a semi-self-paced course of study combined with individual instruction, our faculty help students understand math concepts and figure out pathways to success. The computerized math programs benefit students by providing them with immediate feedback. It also assists students with memory deficits by allowing the repetition of material and providing continuous practice formats.

Utilizing the web-based program ALEKS, you will spend time on the math concepts that are most appropriate for your academic progress. Students engage with the material when it is most convenient for them as the program is accessible 24 hours a day.

The Robert and Jane Weiner Writing Center

At the Robert and Jane Weiner Writing Center, you’ll develop critical thinking skills through a process-driven model necessary for the successful completion of college-level writing. Working closely with faculty members to understand their individual writing assignments, the Writing Center offers assistance and support for every phase of the writing process. Assistance is available through one-on-one consultations, as well as through the utilization of assistive reading and writing technology.

Apart from using the assistive technology capabilities of Microsoft Windows and the Office Suite, which are available to all students, you will be able to compensate for your learning difference by using two specialized programs that can be accessed through the Writing Center’s computers.


A graphic organizer that builds a visual diagram of ideas and turns them into projects.

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Reads aloud textbooks and internet articles — also has speech-to-text capabilities.

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PC Labs and Media Lab

Beacon’s Media Lab and four PC Labs are open late and provide a quiet space for students’ independent study. Here they can meet with teachers and TAs or access programs needed for their assignments, such as Office and Adobe program suites.


The Beacon College Library offers extensive electronic resources, specifically selected databases for college curriculum, and staff guidance on the most appropriate research resources for your particular class. Additionally, students can request interlibrary loan services and peruse subscriptions to popular and influential news outlets, such as The New York Times and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Our librarians are here to assist you with information literacy and research skill-building.

In addition to books, resources, and quiet study areas, spaces are available for group project meetings, and Open Learning is offered during weekday mornings.

Explore the Library’s extensive resources!

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