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Alumni Spotlight

Chavez: Tenacity To Overcome Adversity And Help Others

Samantha Chavez work photo

From the homeless to the jobless, Samantha Chavez reaches out daily to people in need — often families in poverty and their children in need of everything from basic nutrition to education support.

Their stories resonate with Chavez, a family advocate for Episcopal Children’s Services Inc.’s location in The Villages, Fla. Long ago, she struggled with her own learning challenges and emotional uncertainty about her future.

Today, after a dramatic personal turnaround fueled by her Beacon College years, Chavez, 24, plays a key role in helping people who’ve been dealt a tough hand in life.

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Alumni News

Human services grad finds support (and love) at Beacon

Abramson Wedding 2

After attending schools that didn’t know how to support someone with learning differences, Emily Abramson was excited to begin her first semester at Beacon College. Along with earning degrees in human services and psychology in 2019, she also met someone at the Leesburg campus who’d change her life forever: her future husband. 

Recent Grad Felt Welcomed, Accepted By Beacon College Peers And Staff

Carolyn Shea has worked nearly 20 jobs — camp counselor, administrative assistant, salesclerk, delivery driver, golf shop attendant and even Easter bunny. The list goes on. But one of her most memorable jobs happens to be her first. And it’s because of Beacon College.

Beacon College experience was “turning point” for recent grad’s successes

Alicia Minirth loves helping people. That’s the way it’s always been for the Beacon College graduate. As a kid, she remembers wanting to follow in the footsteps of her father, a psychiatrist who helped many of his patients. Minirth, a Dallas native, was drawn to the mental health field, too. But as a child, Minirth was diagnosed with ADHD and had a difficult time navigating her diagnosis and treatment. As an adult, the same fears of being treated differently were still very real.

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Alumni Updates

Jamar Butler

Jamar Butler, Beacon College Alumnus

I currently work as a Cyber Threat Analyst for the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) located in Tampa FL. I work with other Cyber Threat Analysts to interpret, analyze and execute Cyber Security policies, procedures and tactics. I am responsible for monitoring the Cyber Security Sensor Grid for Black Hat Hackers that attempt to gain unauthorized entry into our network. Also monitor CENTCOM sensor grid disruptions, outages and/or anomalies. In 2017 I acheieved my Masters in Information Technology. In 2018 I passed my computer certifications exams and received my Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA) & Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificates.

Alex Sweet Back at Beacon for Anthrozoology

It’s been a long journey but after being in Americorps NCCC FEMA corps years ago that helped me grow as a person even more so , I am happy to be back at Beacon College and finishing with my bachelors degree in Anthrozoology here at Beacon. I’m so happy to be finally finishing school with a degree relating to the field I have wanted to get into since I was little and that I believe will help me aim my dream careers of working with sea animals and ocean conservation.

Talia Kohan and Scott Diamond

Talia Kohan and Scott Diamond-Class of 2009

A classic ad pitch assured consumers that “Diamonds are forever.” So sold was she on that pitch that Beacon alumna Talia Kohan (Class of ’09, Human Services) not only put one on her finger, but took the indestructible gem as her last name marrying last month fellow Beacon alum Scott Diamond (Class of ’11, Computer […]

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