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Golf Roster

Golf Roster Photo

AJ Evdokimo

Junior in Business Management / Chandler, AZ

Jonah Leonhardt

Sophomore in Business Management Hospitality and Tourism / Bethesda, MD

Logan Marin

Junior in Anthrozoology / Fountain Valley, CA

Joshua McKenzie

Senior in Computer Information Systems / Palm Bay, FL

Austin Olivier

Freshman in Computer Information Systems / Orlando, FL

Davis Pohar

Junior in Business Management / Atlanta, GA

Cole Pomeroy

Sophomore in Anthrozoology / North Yarmouth, ME

Andrew Portales

Freshman in CIS Web and Digital Media / Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Ethan Russell

Sophomore in Computer Information Systems / Onley, MD

Enzo Tomasoni

Junior in Business Management / São Paulo, Brazil

Jackson Bevier

Junior in Business Management Hospitality and Tourism / Barnard, VT

Andre Wilson

Golf Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Tony Wrice