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Learning Out of the Classroom

We’re taking you out of the classroom and into the working world! Real-world experience, or experiential learning, helps you refine your skills and professionalism as you approach your post-graduation career. The flexibility offered through multiple types of experiential learning supports a wider scope of opportunities in which you can engage in during school breaks that provide increased ways to experience hands-on learning with a corporate partner.

The Juan and Lisa Jones Center for Career Preparation is here to help you identify and explore the various types of experiential learning opportunities to meet the 80-hour internship requirement.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Through internships, you’ll be working under the supervision of an experienced professional and engaged in hands-on projects, making connections in your field, and exploring your career path.

Career Immersion Program

Participating in Beacon’s Career Immersion Program completes your 80-hour experiential learning requirement. You’ll develop professional skills in a highly focused and supportive environment directly related to your major.


Volunteering in work-related areas to your major qualifies for experiential learning hours. Experiential learning opportunities do not have to be paid, but you will need to complete the experiential learning application form.

Part-time Job or Job Shadowing

Working part-time during the summer for a career-related industry can earn you hours for experiential learning. Check with your career advisor to learn more.

Get Credit for Your Work

We value all types of experiential learning opportunities in all academic settings, both on and off campus. Experiential learning encourages you to leverage real-world, practical experiences that support your short- and long-term career goals. Complete the experiential learning application form before you start your career learning experience.

Experiential Learning Application

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Graduation Requirements

  • 80 or more total hours are required — up to 20 hours may be done on campus.
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  • To apply for an experiential learning opportunity, you must be in good academic standing.
  • Experiential learning opportunities during the school year are permissible.
  • The experiential learning opportunity must be an extension of the classroom — a learning experience that applies the knowledge gained in the classroom.
  • All forms must be completed for each experiential learning experience.

Look for Your Next Great Intern

Employer Engagement takes place across our campus through physical events — like our annual career fair — and on digital platforms with online training sessions and Handshake appointments. Our Beacon career team is here to help your recruitment network expand through engagement with our neurodiverse students. We’re here to help you find your next great coworker! Reach out to our career team today at 352-638-9808 or careercenter@beaconcollege.edu.

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