Education is the key to opening life’s richest possibilities.

But that key, with its boundless potential, can seem out of reach for students who learn differently — those with diagnosed learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD and related conditions.  Beacon College serves that neglected student population, helping aspiring collegians access and leverage education to create the lives they want.

In 1994, Beacon became the first undergraduate U.S. institution accredited specifically to award bachelor’s degrees to students who learn differently. By providing the academic prowess for neurodivergent students, we’ve been an innovator in education since 1989.

Academic Programs and Support Services

At Beacon you will find:

  • Broad choice of areas of study.  We offer seven academic majors and sixteen minors, all preparing you to compete in today’s global marketplace.
  • Full-support continuum. Our tremendous range of success services will help you succeed at Beacon and equip you to thrive after you graduate.
  • Integrated career development.  Beacon helps prepare you for your life’s work from day one with our four-year career-development program.
  • Opportunities to explore the world. Lifelong learning is portable, so Beacon offers rich travel abroad and extended corporate work shadowing programs.
Unlock your potential.