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Fondness for Alma Mater Forever Tattooed on Adams’ Heart

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Alum Steve Adams with spider tattoo on arm

By Gabrielle Russon Steven Adams is a Beacon College super fan. Adams, 44, of Casper, Wyoming, is the proud holder of two Beacon bachelor’s degrees, yet he wanted to do more for the place where he had evolved from a loner to a student leader in the spotlight. Beacon provided such a valuable education, Adams […]

With book, Alumna Shows How to be “Unstoppable” When Facing Trials

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Adrienne-Paul-and-President-Hagerty at graduation ceremony

By Richard Burnett From a life often marked by angst and pain, first-time author Adrienne Hughes Paul has set her sights on creating a world of encouragement and triumph. In her debut book, “Unstoppable,” the aspiring writer, artist, and Beacon College graduate (Class of 2016) weaves a tale of childhood trauma, friendship, mystery, supernatural, and […]

New Book Outlines Alumna’s Faith-filled Medical Battle

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By Gabrielle Russon The age-old advice for writers is to “write what you know.” For Itta-ZaVoni Rayelle Galmore, the inspiration for her latest book came from a health scare. She developed an abscess that felt like a brick under her breast in 2013. “I didn’t know what was going on,” Galmore said. Treating the bad […]

Alum Escobar Soldiers as an Army of One for Neurodiversity

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By Richard Burnett After years of hard work to see if he even belonged in school, German Escobar arrived in his first year at Beacon College, wary about attending a custom-made place for students with learning difficulties. “I’d say it was not an idea I was particularly fond of at first,” said Escobar, who had […]

Beacon Graduate Pivots into New Path to Help Furry Friends Thrive

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By Richard Burnett Since her days at Beacon College as an anthrozoology student, Sarah Pozzi’s journey has run the gamut, from the coasts of the Florida Keys and plains of the Midwest to the heights of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She’s been an animal rescue educator, a college instructor, and a veterinary technician. Now, boosted […]

Beacon Alum and Professor Share Tragedy and Triumph in New Musical

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By Richard Burnett A decade ago, Remy Partlow’s family in Alaska was in crisis. Abandoned by the father, their mother suffered from bipolar depression and Remy wrestled with autism. Later, trapped in an abusive relationship, Remy fled 4,000 miles to Central Florida, escaping a violent, drug-addicted boyfriend. Today, the pain of those days has gradually […]

Beacon Alumnus Maya Crosses the (Finish) Line in NY Marathon

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Daniel Maya Marathoner

Daniel Maya was supposed to be in Hawaii, running his first marathon with a landscape of beautiful beaches behind him. But this was 2020. The pandemic trashed plans for anyone who had vacations or big goals.  Instead of running in Hawaii, Maya’s race became a virtual one.  The then-Beacon College student ran 26.2 miles in his neighborhood back in his hometown of Westport, Connecticut. He completed the same four-mile loop over and over while his parents cheered him on and passed out Gatorade.

Beacon Alumna Puts Dreams of Serving Others through Dance in Motion

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Samantha Diamond

Out of the angst and struggle of her younger years, Samantha Diamond has emerged as a confident professional who knows who she is, where she’s going, and what she wants to do in life.
To be sure, the path has not been an easy one. As a child, she was diagnosed with autism, ADHD and general anxiety disorder. Bullied in high school, she withdrew from others, felt alone and isolated. At Beacon College, however, life gradually came together for her.