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Beacon Anthrozoology Alumnus Sees Abundant Life Through Sea Life

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Sarah Pozzi

In the waters of the Florida Keys, Sarah Pozzi’s team gently lowered Sparb the sea turtle back into his habitat, three months after a shark had nearly killed him. For Beacon College alum Pozzi, it was a dream moment in her dream job as a sea life educator for The Turtle Hospital and rehab center in Marathon, Florida, about one hour east of Key West.

Early Tragedies For Beacon Grad Lay Foundation For Empathy in Career Path

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Kelly Hurley

As a little girl, Kelly Hurley knew both the heartbreak of loss and the unwavering love of family. It would be no easy road for Hurley as she navigated the trauma of loss. Early on, she experienced a cluster of baffling learning problems in school. Aided by her grandmother’s steady advocacy, she was eventually diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, auditory processing disorder and dysgraphia (the inability to write and express thoughts).

All I Need to Get By: Cupid’s Aim Proves Straight at Beacon College

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Valentine's heart

By Richard Burnett Through the years, many Beacon College students have found love in all the right places. The same common ground that brought them to Beacon in the first place has opened new pathways to romance, often for the first time. “For many of our students, this is the first place where they feel […]

Experiences at Beacon Digitized Successful Life in the ‘Real World’ for Graff

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Dan Graff office photo

From his first digital logo years ago as a teen to his polished portfolio today as an accomplished graphic designer, Dan Graff has parlayed his talent and education into a career brimming with potential. The 2019 Beacon College graduate has combined internships, free-lance assignments, and temporary volunteer work to fine-tune his professional chops in the graphic design business.

Human services grad finds support (and love) at Beacon

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Abramson Wedding 2

After attending schools that didn’t know how to support someone with learning differences, Emily Abramson was excited to begin her first semester at Beacon College. Along with earning degrees in human services and psychology in 2019, she also met someone at the Leesburg campus who’d change her life forever: her future husband. 

Beacon College experience was “turning point” for recent grad’s successes

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Alicia Minirth

Alicia Minirth loves helping people. That’s the way it’s always been for the Beacon College graduate. As a kid, she remembers wanting to follow in the footsteps of her father, a psychiatrist who helped many of his patients. Minirth, a Dallas native, was drawn to the mental health field, too. But as a child, Minirth was diagnosed with ADHD and had a difficult time navigating her diagnosis and treatment. As an adult, the same fears of being treated differently were still very real.

2006 Beacon Graduate Finds Helping Others Fits Him like a Glove

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John Paul Grigsby

John Paul Grigsby transferred to Beacon College as a junior in search of a school better suited to teach a student with ADHD. Grigsby’s academic struggles continued, at least early on. Then a professor told the Class of 2006 graduate that the staff at the Lake County college for students with learning disabilities was not going to abandon him. No way, no how. “That turned a light on in my head that [had me thinking], ‘Well, shoot, if they’re not going to give up on me, I can’t give up on myself,’’’ he said.