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Ashley Milito

Director of Virtual College Readiness Programs

352-638-9814 Ext. 214amilito@beaconcollege.edu


  • M.A. from Argosy University: Forensic Psychology
  • B.A. from Keane University: Psychology

About Ashley Milito

Ashley Milito has worked at Beacon College for more than four years, providing personalized transition support to students in Navigator PREP programs, Beacon Foundations, and students in the admissions process. As the Director of Virtual Programs in the Center for College Readiness, Ashley oversees Beacon’s transition counselors located around the country. Ashley is also a course instructor in the Beacon Foundations program. Prior to Beacon, Ashley worked with students in the welfare system to ensure they received appropriate support services and individualized education plans (IEPs) when necessary.

What is your favorite thing about Navigator PREP?
“One thing I love most about Navigator PREP is getting to know each family dynamic, working one-on-one with them and providing them the opportunity to identify the realities before even taking the plunge into their next environment, noting that there is no set curriculum and personalizing our sessions directly to my students individual needs. Then watching them flourish into the wonderful young adults they were set forth to be!”