Tour de Beacon

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Cycling - Team Beacon

Ten intrepid cyclists will put Beacon’s pride on the line — and their endurance to the test — Saturday as they participate in The Villages Regional Hospital Auxiliary Foundation’s 3rd annual Hearts for Our Hospital Big Bike Challenge. The Big Bike Challenge is a fundraiser and is a ride not a race. Tomorrow morning, Team […]

Dell Internships Boot up Computing Opportunities for Beacon Students

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Dell Presentation

Computers function using binary code, a base-2 numeric system.

Base-2 seemed apropos recently considering two Dell Technologies recruiters spent two days on campus recruiting a pair of Beacon College students for summer internships at the Texas-based computer giant — all thanks to a Beacon parent paving the way.

“Student will accrue evidence of their abilities, and will make critical professional contacts to use when future employers ask for them,” says Esteban Lopez, director of corporate and academic outreach at Beacon College.

New Anthology Offers Peek into Beacon and Guide for LD Teachers

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A new book that is part insider’s guide to Beacon College and part primer on strategies for teaching students with learning disabilities (LD) was recently published. Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities at Beacon College: Lessons from the Inside collects essays from 13 past and present Beacon College faculty, administrators, and learning specialists. The volume surveys […]

President’s Message on Hurricane Harvey

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Dear Members of the Beacon College Community: Recently we have been witness to the tremendous destructive power of Mother Nature. Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Irma in Florida, the deadly magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Mexico and now hurricane Maria have devastated many of the beautiful Caribbean islands. The Beacon community includes several students from the U.S. […]

Hurricane Update – September 12, 2017

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Dear Beacon Community and Families: This morning, the College focused on assessing damage and preparing our buildings and campus to resume scheduled Wednesday, September 13, classes.  With power now restored to all major buildings and residences, we feel confident that we can resume our daily routines. Intermittent interruptions with the internet and Wi-Fi may persist; […]

Hurricane Update – September 11, 2017 12:20 PM

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With the worst of Hurricane Irma behind us, the College has shifted focus to restoring normal operations. As mentioned in an earlier update, electricity remains out in the Woodward Apartments. Repairs are being arranged and contingency plans are in place to support affected students. Off-campus students who left town during Irma and return to power […]

Hurricane Update – September 9, 2017 4:50 PM

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Dear members of the Beacon community and families: My previous messages this week have explained the preparations underway for Hurricane Irma’s Central Florida impact. As of this Saturday morning, all measures are now in place to protect our students and the campus in the expectation of the most severe weather projected (i.e., Category 3 winds, […]

Hurricane Update – September 7, 2017

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Dear Beacon Community and Families: Along with each of you, the College has been tracking the course of Hurricane Irma in expectation of it making landfall in Florida. Our planning has been guided by the regular updates of the National Weather Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the various responsible agencies of […]