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Beacon May Grow Role on Global Stage with Potential UAE Partnership

January 10, 2023

President George Hagerty and Dr. Oksana Hagerty attend the third Learning Difficulties Conference in Sharjah.


Student Engagement a Priority for Beacon’s Registrar’s Office

December 7, 2022

We all generally assume a registrar's office to be a place responsible for holding student records and other important documents, but is that really all there is to it?


Beacon Student Delivers Presentation on Ravages of Coral Reefs at International Conference

December 6, 2022

As a scuba diving and scuba ecology instructor, Alex Rhodes has developed a fondness for the beauty land dwellers often don’t see.

Beacon News

‘Tis the Season: Beacon Community Members Share Holiday Traditions

December 5, 2022

Whether it’s the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ or the Jewish observance of God’s ancient faithfulness, many people around the world come together to bond over faith, food, fun and festivities.

Alumni News

Beacon Alumnus Maya Crosses the (Finish) Line in NY Marathon

November 30, 2022

Daniel Maya was supposed to be in Hawaii, running his first marathon with a landscape of beautiful beaches behind him.

Beacon News

Thanksgiving is Stuffed with Food, Family, and Fun and Tradition for Beacon Community

November 4, 2022

In a few short weeks, Americans will gather around the dinner table, loosen their belts, and stuff themselves fuller than the deep-fried, baked, braised or boiled turkey that serves as the culinary star of the feast better known as Thanksgiving.


Beacon Staffers Take it to the Stage in Play that Reveals Life Lessons about Jealousy and Hatred

November 3, 2022

Fighting over a man is a tragedy as old as time. In fact, it’s biblical.

Beacon News

More Robust Technology Means Beacon Students Enjoy Learning Upgrade

November 2, 2022

When Mac Hudson took the technology reins at Beacon College in late 2020, he knew he was in for a challenging ride.


Demise of Gentle Giants of the Sea Prompts Research by Beacon Students

October 28, 2022

Beacon College students are studying the manatee crisis as Florida’s beloved sea cows are dying out in record numbers.

Beacon News

New Beacon Program Strives to Build Bounce-back Muscles in Students

September 29, 2022

What is the common theme of the comeback? The hero overcomes adversity through courage and resilience.

Alumni News

Beacon Alumna Puts Dreams of Serving Others through Dance in Motion

September 27, 2022

Out of the angst and struggle of her younger years, Samantha Diamond has emerged as a confident professional who knows who she is, where she’s going, and what she wants to do in life.

Beacon News

In Latest U.S. News Rankings, Beacon’s Academic Cream Rises to the Top

September 27, 2022

Boosted by the strongest accolades to date for its programs, Beacon College has cracked the top 10 for the first time in the latest U.