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Students’ Team-up Cleanup Gives Local Gardens Overdue Tidy Up

Contributed by Shauna Nandkissore

For conservationists, the slogan “think globally, act locally” is a call to action.

In April, Beacon College students from the Dungeons and Dragons Club and the Green Team answered the call by banding together at the Venetian Gardens in Leesburg, Florida to give Mother Nature a much-needed scrubbing.

Venetian Gardens is a nearby green space where students walk the trails, dine at the Ski Beach restaurant, and marvel at turtles, white egrets, purple gallinules, alligators and other Florida wildlife.

It’s also a popular event venue that attracts revelers — and litter. Trash often floats in Lake Harris while discarded Styrofoam white food containers offer stark contrast against the green grass — threatening area wildlife.

Acting locally, student volunteers from the Dungeons and Dragons Club and the Green Team joined forces to organize and recruit classmates to clear the waterways and spruce up the grounds on a recent Saturday afternoon.

“Both groups share a common passion: to help improve the community,” said Shauna Nandkissore, a learning specialist and faculty advisor to the Dungeons and Dragons Club. “Students worked tirelessly in sunny Florida weather with the goal of making the gardens a more enjoyable space for everyone.”

The off-campus team-up cleanup was the latest in a line of events the Green Team has hosted this semester to raise awareness about environmental issues among students and provide opportunities for students to engage in environmental initiatives on and off campus.

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