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Alex Blankenship’s Personal Hero by EB Newlon

| Student Work

EB Newlon interviewed fellow Beacon student, Alex Blankenship on his personal hero. Here is what she discovered:

Alex Blankenship’s hero is his father, Wayne Blankenship. Alex discovered his dad as a hero when Alex was ten-years-old. Some characteristics that Alex admires about Mr. Blankenship are that he is encouraging, knows what he wants and gets it done, is a hard worker, and helps people. These are some of the main characteristics that Alex admires about his dad. Mr. Blankenship has influenced Alex in many ways as well. Alex stated that his dad influenced him to go forward in his life, be all he could be, and respect himself and others. Alex also stated that his dad influenced him to travel around the world and see what’s out there. All in all, Alex’s hero is his dad; he must be a huge part of his life. So cheers to you, Mr. Blankenship, for you are a hero on this day and every day for the rest of time!

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