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New Beacon Program Strives to Build Bounce-back Muscles in Students

Resiliency Initiative

What is the common theme of the comeback? The hero overcomes adversity through courage and resilience. In recent years, a number of colleges across the U.S. have focused on helping students write their own “comeback stories” of resilience amid the heightened stress of going to college during a pandemic.

Beacon Alumna Puts Dreams of Serving Others through Dance in Motion

Samantha Diamond

Out of the angst and struggle of her younger years, Samantha Diamond has emerged as a confident professional who knows who she is, where she’s going, and what she wants to do in life.
To be sure, the path has not been an easy one. As a child, she was diagnosed with autism, ADHD and general anxiety disorder. Bullied in high school, she withdrew from others, felt alone and isolated. At Beacon College, however, life gradually came together for her.

In Latest U.S. News Rankings, Beacon’s Academic Cream Rises to the Top

Regional Colleges South10

Boosted by the strongest accolades to date for its programs, Beacon College has cracked the top 10 for the first time in the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings of the Best Regional Colleges in the South.

“Birdwoman of Anthrozoology” Finds Sport and Conservation in Falconry

The first time she saw a large hawk swoop down from the sky and land on its trainer’s arm, eight-year-old Dani Mitchell was mesmerized. Moments later, as one of the powerful raptors perched on her own little arm, she was hooked on learning everything about them. Today, Mitchell has turned that childhood fascination into lifetime of dedication to the fierce, but graceful birds.

Former NBA Star Sam Vincent Hopes to Bring ‘Magic” To Beacon Hoops

Coach Sam Vincent

From the peaks of South Africa, to the beaches of Bahrain, Sam Vincent has seen the world since his playing days with the Orlando Magic and other NBA teams. But his most significant trip of 2022 was not on a passenger jet to a faraway land. It was a drive through the rolling hills of Lake County on his way to Beacon College.