Beacon College
George Hagerty (suit) and Robert Durand

Durand Park Opens with Touching Ceremony

Beacon College officials dedicated the Virginia and Robert Durand Garden in a ceremony Friday at the new downtown pocket park. The 12,000-square-foot park inhabits what was Palmetto Street in downtown Leesburg and is appointed with drake elms, Brodie cedars, Washington palms, Natchez crape myrtles, and various other flora.

Project Discovery

Beacon College Continues Global Leadership on Learning Differences

On the heels of leading a successful educator’s workshop in Mumbai on learning disabilities, a six-strong Beacon College team jetted to the United Arab Emirates to run a two-week residential program for college-bound youth with learning differences. “Project Discovery” targeted individuals ages 15 to 22 with learning differences.

Latest News

Q& A with First Career Community Client Majas Petras

Maja First Career Community

For a first-time teacher, teaching kids barely out of Pampers can be a lot like herding cats — only with fewer hairballs. Maja Petras found herself in the role of cat-herder, er, primary school teacher earlier this month. Petras, made a pre-kindergarten class at the Villages Elementary School her proving ground for auditioning her solo […]

English Professor Aims Both Barrels at Desperate Lives in Debut Book

Rourks -Moon Tree collage

Leigh Camacho Rourks has burst onto the publishing scene with guns blazing. Fitting, given plenty of pistol-packing mamas take up gritty residence her debut book, Moon Trees and Other Orphans. “I think my audience are people who like to be transported, who enjoy turning over the grittier rocks, and who know that love is at […]

Jamar Butler

Jamar Butler, Beacon College Alumnus

I currently work as a Cyber Threat Analyst for the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) located in Tampa FL. I work with other Cyber Threat Analysts to interpret, analyze and execute Cyber Security policies, procedures and tactics. I am responsible for monitoring the Cyber Security Sensor Grid for Black Hat Hackers that attempt to gain unauthorized entry into our network. Also monitor CENTCOM sensor grid disruptions, outages and/or anomalies. In 2017 I acheieved my Masters in Information Technology. In 2018 I passed my computer certifications exams and received my Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA) & Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificates.

Alex Sweet Back at Beacon for Anthrozoology

It’s been a long journey but after being in Americorps NCCC FEMA corps years ago that helped me grow as a person even more so , I am happy to be back at Beacon College and finishing with my bachelors degree in Anthrozoology here at Beacon. I’m so happy to be finally finishing school with a degree relating to the field I have wanted to get into since I was little and that I believe will help me aim my dream careers of working with sea animals and ocean conservation.

Taylor Doleman

Taylor Doleman

“I’ve always taken pictures of things that captured my eye,” Doleman says. But the idea of constantly being away from home shooting news events didn’t appeal to her.

Still, the 2010 Beacon College graduate’s curiosity was piqued, so Doleman started posting her photos on social media “and people really liked them,” she says. So did a professional photography company in South Florida, which hired her as a second shooter for their wedding business.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to do weddings, but when I shot my third or fourth, I was hooked,” Doleman says.

So hooked that she’s opened her own photography business and hopes to eventually specialize in weddings.

Student News

Beacon Business Student Earns Prestigious Military Summer Internship

Glenn Popovics

The Village People’s heyday was well before Glenn Popovics’ time, but just as their classic disco tune suggests, the United States Navy wanted the Beacon College junior as a new recruit. Sort of. Come May, Popovics, 21, a business management major from West Palm Beach, Fla., will serve his country and beef up his business acumen during a summer internship at the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program in Orlando.

Reading is Fundamental Now for Beacon Reading Ambassadors

Reading Students

Dr. Bonni Boschee listens as Beacon Reading Ambassadors address peers. In the 2000 movie “Pay it Forward,” a social studies teacher challenges her class to hatch an idea that would improve the world. One young student takes it on and develops a plan for “paying forward” favors that touches off a tsunami of national kindness […]

Aspiring Poets Stretch Beyond Roses are Red in Beacon Poetry Contest

Samantha “Lazarus” Humphreys

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. — Robert Frost Two Beacon College students channeled their inner bard in recently earning the top two spots in the fall semester installment of the school’s annual intramural “Poetry Writing Contest.” Samantha Humphreys won the contest with her poem, “Water.” […]

Beacon Powerlifting Club Show Heavyweight Talent at Competition

Power Lifting 2019

Nick Montgomery and Cortavis Watts pose with their medals from the USA Powerlifting Jacksonville Open Championships. Ancient alchemists failed miserably at their quest to transmute base metals to gold. By pumping iron, two members of the Beacon College Powerlifting Club produced gold and silver medals this month at the USA Powerlifting Jacksonville Open Championships. In […]

Trio of Beacon Students Find Earning Info Tech Internships Easy as Dell

Dell Internships

(left to right) Dan O’Neil and and Will Browning of Dell EMC interview Beacon College student Luke Hill for a summer internship position. Three Beacon College students in February earned summer internships with Dell Technologies after emerging from a crowded field of candidates during the tech giant’s second annual recruiting safari to Navigator territory. Dell […]