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In Memoriam

Heather Wohlfeil, a former learning specialist at Beacon College, passed away suddenly in June. Wohlfeil, a licensed speech therapist, served as a learning specialist during the 2018-19 academic year. She is fondly remembered for bringing to campus a “functional art bike” aptly named the “Beacon Bike.”

Three Beacon Senior Administrators Involved in Personnel Changes

Three Beacon College administrators this month moved into new positions.

Coronavirus Update – June 26, 2020

As we continue the preparations for welcoming back our students to campus in a new era of safety and precautions, it is not lost on me the recent attention given to the rise in Florida’s COVID cases. While others debate the nature of the rise whether from overcrowded public places, a lack of commitment to responsible social distancing practices, or the availability of increased testing, we at Beacon have been focused on what is transpiring in our region and how it impacts the reopening of the campus for students.

Beacon College to Launch New Neurodiversity TV Show

A World of Difference TV Show

Parents raising children who learn differently soon can look forward each month to a digital safe place through a new Beacon College-produced television program that celebrates, educates, and supports families navigating the journey of neurodiversity from kindergarten through college. “A World of Difference” is a newsmagazine/talk show that will showcase inspirational stories of individuals and families and the trials and triumphs involved with living with learning and attention issues.

Nesbitt Contributes to Oral History of B-movie King Corman

Dr. William Nesbitt

For Beacon College humanities professor Dr. William Nesbitt, writing books about legendary B-movie king Roger Corman is like eating Lays potato chips: He can’t stop with just one. In his second outing, Nesbitt serves as an associate editor on Roger Corman’s New World Pictures (1970-1983): An Oral History Volume 1.

Student News

Beacon Graduates Bringing Home the Bacon and Moving on Up the Income Brackets

Canva - Conversation Between Job Applicant And Representative Employer

Beacon College graduates are commanding bigger paychecks and moving up into higher income brackets, according to a new report released in June by the college’s Boven Career Development Center. The Class of 2019 Employment Survey, the latest annual assessment of graduate employment success, found for the first time that most Beacon graduates (56.3 percent) reported […]

Beacon Psychology Students (Virtually) Show off Research Bona Fides After Cancelled Convention

Anita Rollins at a Beacon Science Fair

When state and national social distancing guidelines closed one door for two Beacon College psychology students fortune opened door No. 2. Isabela “Izzy” Chavez and Anita Rollins had been tapped to present in April research they’d conducted at Beacon Cross Cultural Psychology and Quantitative Research Design classes, respectively, during the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Conference […]

COVID-19 Cannot Contain Artistry as Beacon Student’s Work Featured in Digital Regional Art Show

Arrangement of Things

While others sat marooned at home under COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, Connor Cremo let his artistic muse go for a stroll. The Beacon College senior showed off one of his most recent works in April during the City of Mount Dora (Florida)’s Virtual Art Show. Hosted by The City of Mount Dora Recreation Department, the digital […]

Anthrozoology Students Channel Inner Doolittle with New County Partnership

Lake County Pet Alliance

If we could talk to the animals, learn their languages Think of all the things we could discuss If we could walk with the animals, talk with the animals, Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals, And they could squeak and squawk and speak and talk to us. Doolittle theme Beacon College anthrozoology students […]

Beacon Student’s Conference Paper Shows Discrimination Plays No Favorites

Gina Mann

Gina Mann is no stranger to discrimination. Yet, despite her familiarity with it, she still was shocked by the surprising results of her recent research. Discrimination doesn’t discriminate. Mann presented her findings at the Human Factors and Applied Psychology (HFAP) Conference held January 31 at the University of Central Florida Student Union Key West Ballroom in Orlando, Fla.