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Masters of the Masterpiece: Senior Artists Wow in ‘Big Reveal’ Exhibit

Two Beacon seniors showcased their art bona fides in April with their senior portfolios during an exhibition at the Kristin Michelle Mason Art Gallery at Beacon College. In his exhibition, titled “Sentiment,” Anthony Manzano-Lee presented 10 disparate works that explored themes ranging from modern narcissism to mankind’s intractable tilt toward war. Emily Marra showed off her artistic chops with “Undiscovered Changes,” an exhibition of 17 pieces, including a sprawling sculpture titled “What’s Inside.”

Waste not, Want not Food Drive Means Nourishing Meals for Beacon Neighbors

Last year, as Beacon College’s spring semester neared a close, James Humphrey realized what was coming: students packing for home would leave behind leftovers from care packages they received from home. Next stop: the trashcan. Not on his watch. Last spring Humphrey organized a campus food drive to support The Benevolence Center, a food bank located on Main Street in Leesburg, Florida.

Class Dismissed: A Retirement Conversation with Dr. Patricia R. Campbell

Patricia R Campbell

All good things come to an end. And the end, like the beginning of Patricia R. Campbell’s six-year career at Beacon College, focused on the good that education brings to life for those who pursue scholarship with tenacity.

Toughness, Tenacity, and Talent Mark the COVID-tested Class of 2022

Jack Jones Graduation 2022

For members of Beacon’s Class of 2022, it is the best of times, but the most unsettling of times, as they reach the milestone of graduation and look ahead to entering the “real world.”

Jeff Baird, Director Of Safety At Beacon College, Talks Disaster Medicine, Adapting To The Pandemic And The Lessons COVID Taught Us

Jeff Baird, director of safety at Beacon College, knows a thing or two about disaster preparedness. Before arriving at the college in 2020, a decision brought about by a desire to be closer to family — and the sun — Baird spent nearly 30 years of his career overseeing emergency management and safety operations at various colleges in the Northeast.