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Anthrozoology Department Wins Grant To Help Save Kingly Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies

Beacon College’s anthrozoology department won a grant in September to construct a small refuge to help the monarch butterfly which faces extinction in part because of habitat loss and climate change. The College was awarded the grant by Monarch Watch.

Pomp And (COVID) Circumstances: Two Beacon Classes Finally Walk The Walk

Commencement Graduate

An old English proverb promises that “all things come to those who wait.” For collegians, that proverb was put to the test thanks to the pandemic putting the kibosh on large gatherings. For many, a moment forever lost. For Beacon College students in the classes of 2020 and 2021, however, a moment that finally arrived on October 3 as the College celebrated their accomplishments at this year’s Commencement exercise.

Beacon’s New CFO Takes The Surprising Change Without Breaking Stride

Sandi Rysell, CFO

Only days before her planned retirement, Sandi Rysell found herself offered the promotion of a professional lifetime. It didn’t take long for Beacon College’s new chief financial officer to accept. Rysell steps into the CFO role at a key time for the college amid the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, a growing enrollment, a flurry of campus improvements, and its rising profile amid the nation’s colleges.

Beacon Continues To Elevate Its Brand Through Stellar National Rankings

US News Regional Colleges-South-2022

From the established ratings of U.S. News & World Report to newcomers such as and, Beacon College has fortified its resume in the arena of college rankings in 2021.

Beacon Student’s Article Explores The Reality Of Same-Sex Relationships In Video Gaming

Fire Emblem_ Three Houses for Nintendo Switch

War is brewing on the continent of Fódlan, where the Church of Seiros preserves order, largely through its esteemed Officer’s Academy. Yet, war isn’t the only thing raging on the fictional continent found in the Nintendo Switch game, “Fire Emblem: Three Houses.”

Student News

Beacon Student Receives First-Generation Collegian Scholarship

Beacon student Carlos Almasque recently received a $3,200 scholarship aimed at needy first-generation, minority, and new American students attending Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) and Florida Independent College Fund (CICF) member schools.

Internships Immerse Students In ‘Transformative’ Experience

As a college intern, Jack Jones built his own field of dreams this summer for a parks and recreation department. And to draw from a famous line in the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams,” the memories were so thick, it was like dipping in magic waters. Jones joined more than 40 Beacon students who filled real-world jobs this summer as part of the Career Immersion Program (CIP). The three-week internships immersed them in a range of fields, including hospital human resources, information technology, web design, animal care and rescue, law enforcement, and recreation management.

Summer for Success: Energizing The Mind While Having Fun

SFS At Epcot 2021

From Disney to Broadway, high students from across the country found new avenues of creativity during the 2021 edition of Summer for Success, Beacon College’s annual summer college immersion program. Joanna Shang of Baltimore, Md. and her team envisioned a new theme park where everything is based on colorful villains of Disney lore. Bill Gordon of Dallas, Tx. helped make history come alive in an original musical. And Manuel Frangis of Atlanta, Ga. peered behind the curtain of Broadway to see what makes Hamilton and Les Misérables tick.

Student speaks out in MTV special on Asian Americans

Kara Donovan

For many years as a young girl, Kara Donovan hated to look in the mirror. Born in South Korea to a poor, single mother and adopted by an American couple, she often found life in the United States fraught with bigotry against Asian Americans. It made her ashamed of who she was. Then came a life-changing trip in 2015 to South Korea with her adoptive parents. 

Beacon Student Techie Earns Summer Slot with Dell Technologies

SheQuia Williams

Williams had applied last year for the Beacon College’s coveted DELL Technologies summer internship, but a spot for her wasn’t in the (keypunch) cards.