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Tips for Working on College Papers

| Student News

As papers are starting to be assigned for the spring semester, it’s easy to become overwhelmed about getting the work done. Fortunately, having a plan will help guarantee a smooth writing process.
Here are some tips to get you started to paper writing success:

  • Start early– Starting your work the day that it’s assigned helps prevent anxiety in the future.
  • Ask a teacher– If you are having trouble with a project, always ask the professor for assistance. S/he can clarify instructions and often give you examples to work off of.
  • Work together with a friend– Knowing that you’re not working alone can give you a sense of comfort and help push you to work diligently. Friends can also hold you accountable if you lose focus.
  • When experiencing writers block, read-Reading what other people have written helps us to create our own style of writing. The more phrases you know, the easier it is to get started on that paper.
  • Take breaks and get enough sleep– The brain can’t function properly without sleep, and frequent breaks may be all you need to refresh and recharge.
  • Know that everything doesn’t have to be perfect– Don’t freak yourself out by trying to get everything perfect on your first try. It’s okay to make mistakes on the rough draft.
  • Ask someone to proofread– Having an extra set of eyes never hurts.

For extra assistance, resources such as the Writing Center and the Center for Student Success, with trained Peer Tutors happy to lend a hand, should always be considered. With a little advanced planning, those college papers will be no problem to write!
~Elizabeth Weichbrodt