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Junior Michelle Underwood Wins Academic Scholarship

| Student News

Michelle Underwood, a junior here at Beacon College, recently received the Gamma Beta Phi National Honors Scholarship. This scholarship is based on academic standing and recommendations from faculty. Michelle not only had to prove she is a strong academic student, she also had to show that she is involved with extracurricular activities on campus and that she volunteers her time for community needs addressed by the Gamma Beta Phi Society.

Michelle is the youngest of four and is twenty years old. She was born in the Bronx, New York but currently lives in Cranbury, New Jersey. She is a Human Services major with a minor in Education. Her ultimate goal is to obtain a job educating the next generation by being a kindergarten teacher. Michelle wants to pursue a career in teaching because her mother, Angela Frazier, instilled in her the value of an education and helping others. It was also her mother who encouraged Michelle to apply for the scholarship, knowing that it would help her achieve her goals.

Michelle has spent her whole life working with children of all ages, with and without disabilities. However, as she has gotten more experience, she has realized her true passion is working with younger children. She loves the idea of being able to help future generations through education. In addition to being an active member of Gamma Beta Phi, Michelle is also a teaching assistant for the Learning Essentials class at Beacon College. She is also a peer mentor for the Learning Essentials class, as well as the Critical Thinking class. Outside of the classroom Michelle is an RA and participates in work study.

Even though Michelle juggles a lot of responsibilities, she loves staying busy and cannot wait until her senior year and eventually joining the work force to follow her dreams of becoming an educator. She truly deserves this scholarship and is appreciate of the fact that it will help make her career plans a reality.

~ Dr. Kirk Stowe