Beacon Salon – Dance Theatre of Orlando

Creating Art in Motion: A Seminar on Dance Choreography with Marshall Ellis

The three-dimensional art created through movement and dance is a unique experience, designed with the audience in mind. Similar to how music has the ability to evoke emotions in the listener, dance choreography paints pictures for the viewer in real-time. Through dance performances and discussion, attendees will understand how choreography — a sequence of steps oftentimes set to music — can be used to connect with audience’s participation. This understanding will boost your appreciation for dance as a performance art.

This Salon Speaker Series event will be at the Savannah Center, 1545 Buena Vista Blvd., The Villages, FL 32162.

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About Dance Theatre of Orlando
The Dance Theatre of Orlando is funded through ME Dance Inc., a charity that serves as a beacon of light in the Central Florida arts community. ME Dance is a not-for-profit arts organization founded by Marshall Ellis. The mission of ME Dance is to introduce innovative ideas through dance to create growth in the arts community and to enrich the arts community by providing an outlet to feature talent in art through entertainment. The organization is determined to assist other local dance organizations and dance students throughout the community, regardless of affiliation.

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