“Blues Women: The First Civil Rights Workers” Joan Cartwright discusses how black singers in America emerged from spirituals and blues to develop jazz. Their free-spirited songs delivered messages of liberation, signaling to Africans in America that they could be free. Besides being effective entertainers, “blues women” provided the primary means of healing of the human […]

Knowledge comes at a price and whoever possesses some knowledge becomes responsible for covering that cost. Epistemic responsibility is the term used to denote the duty one has respective to the knowledge they possess. The central concern is this: what knowledge am I required to know, to share, or to keep to myself? In a digital world, epistemic responsibility becomes clouded, but also expanded. Ignorance is no longer an acceptable option – not when at the touch of a button the knowledge to overcome that ignorance is readily available. This lecture will discuss how the digitalization of knowledge affects epistemic responsibility and in turn, how this presents an opportunity shift for scholars of the future.

The library is open late! Join us for some last minute studying before midterms. Coffee provided.

Join Professor Irving in the Beacon College Library for a discussion on diversifying your reading. Refreshments will be provided.

The library is open late! Join us for some last minute studying before midterms. Coffee provided.

Join us in the Beacon College Library for this session of the Cozy Chats series featuring Dr. Oksana Hagerty. This event will provide a more casual opportunity for students to learn about the current events between Ukraine and Russia from an educated perspective. Refreshments will be provided.

Register to join the public library staff in the Leesburg Public Library Garden where students can enjoy some time away from studying with a PAWS therapy dog. Each of the 4 therapy dogs will have 2-3 students assigned to them for a 30 minute session. Sessions will run every 30 minutes from 2:00PM until 4:00PM. […]

“Bedeviling Confluence: Injustice and Willis McCall through the Prism of ‘Devil in the Grove’ and ‘Beneath a Ruthless Sun’” Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King examines injustice, racial bigotry and corrupting power through the lens of two monstrous cases in Lake County in the late 1940s and 1950s connected only by the one central figure: infamous […]

Join us at the Beacon College Dining Commons on March 24, 2022 for an internationally-themed lunch event. We will have a special station set up for our global chef from Brazil. We’ll also have food from Germany, Switzerland, and Argentina. Stop by and try some exotic foods!