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Hurricane Update – September 8, 2017

| Emergency Updates

Dear Beacon Community and Families:

Weather reports now confirm that the City of Leesburg and Lake County, the home to Beacon College, will need to brace for a Category 2/3 hurricane.  As you know, we have been making preparations for a range of options and, based on the likelihood of severe weather, the College is now able to more clearly focus its preparations:

  • Campus Dining Services, shuttle transportation, and services offered at the Center for Student Success will remain available as scheduled through 12 noon, Sunday, September 10;
  • Given the predicted path and timing of the storm’s arrival, Beacon will require that all students shelter in place in the Student Center commencing at 12 noon on Sunday.  This means that all students must leave their residence and transfer to the Student Center by that time (transported by Beacon’s shuttle service).  Students may arrive with their essential belongings at the Student Center as early as 9:00 a.m.;
  • Current projections of the hurricane’s path suggest that students should expect to shelter in place from Sunday afternoon until conditions have cleared and campus is deemed safe.  The timeframe may be shorter or longer and will be determined by the College as our individual and collective safety requires;
  • The Chopping Block will remain open for dining as long as weather and safety permit, so that students may continue enjoying hot meals for as long as rain and power allow;
  • With the current storm projections, the Leesburg area will likely have an interruption in power.  Generators have been tested and are ready to maintain as comfortable a climate as is possible during the duration of the storm in two main facilities: the Student Center and Beacon Hall;
  • Students and on-campus staff are encouraged to power up their phones and electronic devices prior to sheltering in place.  Although outlets will be available, they will be limited and susceptible to power interruption, even with generator backups;
  • Please remember that the most updated information will be available on the College’s website:, and for students and staff via the College-wide emergency texting system;
  • Please expect to receive one more update on Saturday before the required shelter in place move for all students in residences.

We believe that we have prepared well for any contingency and will celebrate Irma’s departure.


George Hagerty
President, Beacon College