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Hurricane Update – September 11, 2017 12:20 PM

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With the worst of Hurricane Irma behind us, the College has shifted focus to restoring normal operations.

As mentioned in an earlier update, electricity remains out in the Woodward Apartments. Repairs are being arranged and contingency plans are in place to support affected students.

Off-campus students who left town during Irma and return to power outages and/or flooding can come to campus. Temporary housing arrangements will be made.

Flooding and electrical issues at the Chopping Block have been resolved. Students will be transported to the eatery for hot meals this evening.

Tuesday, academic and support services will resume as outlined this past Friday.

Our timeline for resuming classes Wednesday Sept. 13 stands.

We understand that students who left campus to hunker down elsewhere during the storm might run into complications with return travel plans. Instructors and college officials understand this and we will act with appropriate flexibility.

Our primary concern is the safe return of students to the Beacon community.

Because of gas concerns, the sheer number of students with different arrivals, and the fact that our shuttle capacity will be in service on campus, Beacon will not be providing shuttle service from Orlando International or Sanford Airports.

We recommend students arrange for a ride-sharing pick-up such as Lyft or Uber or arrange in advance for a pick-up with Lake Limo Transportation Service: 800-448-2808.

We believe we have provided the best available information we can today. We will provide another update late tomorrow once more thorough campus inspections and discussions have been conducted.