Safety Guidelines for Interior and Exterior Spaces

The Development and Application of On-campus Distancing and Safety Guidelines for All Interior and Exterior Spaces

The College’s COVID-19 Task Force has continuously focused on the safety of Beacon’s interior and exterior campus spaces and places. By so doing, the College is endeavoring to provide both a learning and living environment where healthy students and employees can enter common venues where health risk has been mitigated to the greatest extent possible. Prominent among the College’s efforts in this regard are:


  1. Hand-sanitizing stations have been distributed widely throughout all campus buildings and will be maintained to assure their full operation regularly each day. [Additionally, all students and employees will be provided at the beginning of the fall semester with a “Beacon Bag” that has an 8-ounce refillable (at College expense) hand-sanitizer container, with a reserve cloth mask provided as well];
  2. All academic spaces, including classrooms, the Fogg Library, the Weiner Writing Center, Math Lab, and the Center for Student Success, have been arranged to assure appropriate social distancing for students and personnel, with cleaning and sanitizing instructions provided to those responsible for supervising any of these interior spaces during the academic week;
  3. All public areas of residential spaces on campus will be cleaned and sanitized a minimum of twice daily, with students responsible for their own personal space (assigned bedroom and bathroom). Residential students will be monitored and guided by Life Skills Educators and residential staff in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of their personal spaces. In addition, residents will be asked to commit in writing to a cleaning rotation or schedule with their apartment or suite mates. The student judicial system will be used, if necessary, to enforce the frequent cleaning schedule;
  4. Sodexo Dining Services, the College’s food service partner, has created a “safety first” dining environment in its temporary location in the Student Center. In addition to following all of the protections required by the Beacon College COVID protocols, the food service staff have brought to bear the resources and knowledge of Sodexo International in establishing the protocols by which our students and employees will be served. These protocols include extended hours, traditional and to-go dining, and a tented outdoor grill and dining area for those wishing a more open setting. Sodexo will also leverage the resources and services of the Navigator Café to supplement and add flexibility to Beacon’s dining options for students and employees; and
  5. Employing the resources and knowledge of our Sodexo Facilities partners, the College will institute proper industry-specific cleaning and disinfecting protocols aligned with CDC guidance that attend not only to the cleanliness of the surfaces, but also to the quality of the interior atmosphere in the College’s buildings. As appropriate for public spaces, including classrooms, Beacon will purchase and place HEPA filter air purifiers and air scrubbers, as well as air out all indoor facilities at regular intervals. Sodexo Facilities staff will continuously replace HVAC air filters to help eliminate contaminants and to maintain the best possible air quality.


  1. Some research shows that outdoor environments may inhibit the person-to-person transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, as part of the College’s planning for social distancing and safety-enhanced environments, Beacon is creating tented areas on campus to provide: (a) outside classroom space for faculty who desire this teaching environment, (b) designated areas for students waiting for class to reduce indoor contact among students before classes, and (c) open social and student event venues offered by the College on weekdays and weekends; and
  2. All recreational activities organized and delivered by the Department of Athletics, Fitness, and Recreation will provide the protections that define the College’s safety protocols for interior spaces. As necessary, these departmental activities may be modified to assure social distancing and other COVID-related protections. The staff has created a second intramural athletic field and will supplement traditional programming with virtual recreation classes as well to accommodate a full range of programming. All equipment, whether in- or outdoors, will be spaced to encourage maximum social distancing, with all items cleaned and sanitized after use or handling by any individual.