The “Responsible Community Initiative” for Spring Semester of 2022

A Preamble

Among Beacon College’s primary responsibilities as an institution of higher learning is the delivery of effective undergraduate instruction and support. The College pursues this goal and its distinct mission by prioritizing an environment that promotes the health and well‐being of its citizens. The COVID‐19 pandemic and its variants have presented unprecedented challenges for American higher education, circumstances that required communities like Beacon to take actions apt to change based upon the latest best practice recommendations of informed external agencies. As we have, over the past 24 months of the pandemic, the College remains acutely aware of and prepared to adapt to any changes in the national, state, or local trajectory of the virus or similar threats to public health.

The Board of Trustees both commends and acknowledges the efforts of the Beacon community in implementing updated policies and processes that are the College’s best thinking and application about the COVID‐19 emergency. We likewise affirm the individual responsibility of each Beacon community member to exercise vigilance in adhering to these guidelines for your personal welfare and the campus collectively. These initiatives are our best efforts to fulfill the College’s mission within an ever‐changing and fluid environment.

Embracing The Measures That Keep Us Safe

Listed below are the interdependent protocols and actions that frame Beacon’s updated “Responsible Community Initiative” as the College begins the 2022 Spring semester, at a time when the Omicron variant of the virus is prevalent across the country. We urge you to become an informed citizen of a proud and health-inspired community — understanding that your every responsible action protects us all.


The “Responsible Community Initiative”

Challenge is nothing new to Beacon College or its students. As with the larger society, the COVID‐ 19 era has tested us individually and collectively in ways that have demanded a renewed devotion to core principles and Beacon’s signature moorings of realism, grit, care, and unity in purpose. The pandemic and its variants have proven far‐reaching, cunning, and erratic foes that have affected every aspect of our lives. Yet, even in this unprecedented scenario we stand prepared.

As the scope and intensity of the COVID‐19 pandemic manifested nationally, higher education simultaneously experienced an awakening: for many student profiles, remote learning alone proved an inadequate substitute for the on‐campus classroom experience. Beacon began planning in April 2020 to return to the safe delivery of onsite undergraduate programming anchored to the “high‐touch” collegiate environment. Safeguarding the health and safety of our students and employees remains the lodestar for all our analysis, decision‐making, and preparations.

The “Responsible Community Initiative” at Beacon College defines the scope and details of Beacon’s comprehensive and coherent effort to address the new realities of living and working safely in the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 world. This campus initiative takes its direction and substance from this reality: every Beacon community citizen is as responsible for the protection of others as we are for our own health and safety. And yet, the College also recognizes that even the best conceived plans and protocols for one moment are subject to change. Thus, Beacon updates its RCI policies and protocols prior to each semester and more often as evolving circumstances of health and safety are evaluated.

Since early April 2020, Beacon’s COVID-19 Task Force — supplemented by an external Professional Community Support and Review Team when necessary — has dedicated its energies and expertise to researching and continuously updating best practices. The College’s ambition: meeting or exceeding all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state public health standards.

Each element of the “Responsible Community Initiative” — spanning pre‐arrival and entry testing to the on‐campus protocols and safeguards through semester’s end — is designed to mesh into a coherent system that affords Beacon citizens a climate of deserved heightened protection. Our success in the COVID era has been bound to our fidelity in honoring the RCI’s well‐ considered and updated provisions and reporting accurately and efficiently the impact of the initiative on the “wellness climate” of our campus. To that end, Beacon will report daily on the College’s COVID “wellness” status, placing on our website a matrix that scales current campus conditions:

Baseline Climate Post-COVID-19 Benchmark: The “new normal” with sustained evidence-based precautions.
Level 1 No active COVID-19 cases reported in Leesburg and/or Lake County, but conditions exist that call for precautionary measures per the “Responsible Community” standards.
Level 2 No active COVID-19 cases on the Beacon campus, but cases reported in Leesburg and/or Lake County.
Level 3 Isolated active cases on campus. Beacon can effectively manage and contain through “Responsible Community” standards including active contact tracing and surveillance testing.
Level 4 Limited active cases on campus. Beacon is fully implementing its “Responsible Community” protocols with any necessary outside resources and isolation measures.
Level 5 Cluster cases exist. On campus, a larger scale outbreak has occurred that becomes more difficult to manage and contain. 

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