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Moonlight Lovers

| Student Work

“It was a night of unknown dreams; the stars were dancing in the darkness shimmering like ice crystals.

He was walking through the forest in awe, admiring the different shades of dark greens and hearing nature’s own music of the night.

Not knowing why, he could not help but follow the moon’s glow to a meadow, eventually arriving to where the silver light had wanted to take him. Fireflies were everywhere, flaring all over. However, the real treasure appeared before him.

She was just standing there, in her dark blue vintage dress, her black hair blowing in the soft breeze, eventually turning and locking her hazel eyes with his own. Neither talked, for true love requires no words spoken.

While they danced, it felt like time was stopped, that they can do the impossible, and be young forever.

He held her nude body to his own in the glassy water while swimming, for he felt like he had found the part of him that was missing.

As dawn approached, they closed their eyes and shared one last eternal kiss. When he opened his eyes, she was forever just a memory, but a memory that never died when the moon never faded.”

-Alex Sweet

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