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Staff/Faculty Vs. Students Soccer Rematch

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Student Perspective:

Friday night, March 21st marked the return of soccer to Beacon College as the Sleepy Hollow Sports Complex provided the setting for the Navigators to face off against the faculty and staff in a rematch of last semester’s match, which had ended in a 4-2 victory for the students. Faculty captain (and art professor) Russ Bellamy and his team were looking for redemption in Friday’s match, but when the game was finished, the students left the field once again victorious, defeating the staff 5-4.
The spring weather mercifully spared players and spectators the rain, providing a pleasant backdrop for the second edition in what looks likely to become an every-semester fixture. Both teams saw changes in lineup from last semester, the student side benefiting from the addition of freshman Victor Parreiras, who marked three goals for the Navigators. The staff team also had more faculty exchange their books for soccer cleats, and Dr. Hagerty’s son Vova also made a guest appearance, coming on for the faculty in the second half.
All in all, a fun time was had by all, students and faculty, players and spectators. After the final whistle, pizza was served to the delight of all present, and the teams departed, preparing to meet once again in the fall.

~ Ariel Ben-Chitrit


Faculty/Staff Perspective:

On Friday, March 21st at Sleepy Hollow Park, there was a monumental soccer re-match between the students at Beacon College and the faculty and staff. The students were able to pull out a 5-4 victory over the faculty and staff who had defeated them 19-3 in an exhibition pre-match warm–up game.  The Beacon College community was there in force to cheer on both sides, and it was a most memorable evening with pizzas and refreshments for all, and fortunately, no major injuries!  

~ Chris Hall

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