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Summer Course: British History through Film

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One of the new courses being offered this summer is British History through Film. As the title of the course suggests, the students in this class will be watching films in an effort to better understand the history of the British people. This course was created as the academic component of the cultural study abroad program, as this summer the group will be headed to London. And who better to teach this course than Dr. Chris Huff, who spent a year living in the English countryside.  

Students who enroll in this course should expect to watch a minimum of six films, with stimulating and thought provoking class discussions to immediately follow. Dr. Huff says he expects the class to “explore interesting and various diverse aspects of British social and political history.” These aspects may be further considered through short individual writing assignments.  While this course is intended for those interested in the study of history, there will be a definite fun factor as popcorn will be occasionally provided during the film watching.

The British History through Film course is ideal for students minoring in history or for those partaking in the cultural study abroad trip. The course is also well suited for any student with an interest in either history or film studies.

Use the summer term to explore the rich history and culture of Britain!     

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