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Tips to be Successful at Beacon:

  • Avoid Procrastination – Some, like myself, procrastinate to the very last day. There are different reasons for this, but I think all can agree it’s best to find a system to avoid procrastinating altogether. Give yourself deadlines. Although your paper may not be due until next Wednesday, give yourself the deadline to finish the first couple pages on Friday. Take your procrastination in stages.
  • Manage Your Time – Make sure to remember why you’re here. Socializing and attending to your hobbies may be fun, but remember you have commitments to your grades or any organizations you may be a part of. Make a schedule for yourself that includes time for everything (homework, clubs, cleaning, friends, etc).
  • Get Help – Beacon College has a Writing Center, Peer Mentor Program, library, and several labs with trained lab monitors to help students. There are options if you need some help with your work, so make sure to make use of them!
  • Communicate with Your Professor – Class sizes at Beacon College make it ideal for communicating with your professor, so take advantage. Communicate your preferences on learning and don’t be afraid to ask questions about assignments, homework or schedules, and it will be much easier to earn those higher grades.
  • Network – Make sure to network with your fellow students. Everyone has a strength and as you grow your network, you’ll find that you’ll always have someone that can answer a question or give some thoughtful advice.

~ Brett Daly

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