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The Thrill of the Wilderness

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Many of the students at Beacon College seek the thrill of leaving the comforts of campus and escaping to nature. Our camping trips are always an extraordinary experience that consists almost entirely of returning campers. The last camping trip was February 16-18, and we went to an island in Georgia known as Jekyll Island. It features vast unpopulated beaches with washed up trees decorating the shore as if they were remains from another era. The island was once a retreat for elite families, such as the Rockefellers, and has many historical sights.
One night when the chilling air came through our campsite, we felt an urge to seek the ghosts that haunt the island. We left the warm fire and wondered off into the night. Walking huddled together towards an old house next to a graveyard we shared stories of the foul past and of the souls that linger. As senses heightened to take in the gloomy area, nervous laughter began to grow. This was truly a camping trip where we all had a good time, even through the frigidly cold nights.
No matter where we go on our trips, we always have a great time, and we can’t wait for our next one!

~ Chase Richards




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