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Beacon College Pairs with New Vision for Independence to Promote Sensory Exploration of Art

| Student Artwork


Beacon College has partnered with New Vision for Independence to sponsor a tactile exhibit at the Mount Dora Center for the Arts entitled “See it My Way: Sight Unseen.” Artwork from Beacon College student EB Newlon will be featured. She will have two plaster relief sculptures on display. The majority of the art will be from Eustis artist Lois Crisp-Stover, along with works from the Florida Craftsman Museum in St. Petersburg. The exhibit begins on March 8, 2013, with a reception from 6:00-8:00 pm to celebrate the opening, and it will last through April 12, 2013.
Students Hannah Walk and Chuck Novak will be acting as docents, along with other community volunteers. Training for docents was provided by New Vision for Independence. Volunteers are referred to as “human guides,” and they are taught to guide both visitors who are visually impaired and those who are not. For this exhibit, those with sight can choose to be blindfolded to experience the art as a blind person would. Hannah and Chuck both commented on how helpful the training was and how much they learned from it; they have a better understanding of how to interact with people who are visually impaired. They are both eager to put their training to use on their Saturday shifts.
In coordination with the exhibit, Beacon College Assistant Professor of Art, Russ Bellamy, is teaming with Jordan Vinyard to conduct a one day workshop appropriate both for participants with sight and those without. The focus will be on the sensory exploration of art utilizing a variety of materials. The group will work with different materials and then cast them in plaster, creating plaster relief sculptures. The workshop will take place on Saturday, March 23rdfrom 10:00am-1:00pm. Anyone interested in signing up can do so through the Mount Dora Center for the Arts Website. 
Both the workshop and the exhibit are open to the community. Experience the sensory enjoyment of art!

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