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Student Artwork to be Displayed

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     Appleton Creative is hosting a gallery show for our Beacon College students on Thursday, February 28th from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Appleton Creative’s office in downtown Orlando. Our students’ artwork will be displayed, and some pieces are for sale. Hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be served. This should be a great outreach event and fundraiser for scholarships for the pending Studio Arts major.
     Many donors for this event have already been established, but we could always use more! A big thank you to Appleton Creative, Jerome Brouhard from Maggie’s Attic, Norm Rinnee from Norm’s Palette, Wendy Meli from Wendy Lynne’s Creations, and Joel Bore from Bjoely Event Services!
     Anyone interested in attending should RSVP by Friday, February 22 to

~ Brenda Meli 

Below are highlights of student artwork that will be featured at the show, along with statements describing their inspiration.  

EB Newlon
Title: Breve (Double Note)
Price: Not for Sale
Breve (Double Note) is a mixture between reality and fantasy. It represents the balance between the two, for it both exists and make life enjoyable.

Jessy Caetano

Price: $100
This piece speaks to the idea of wasting away chances, playing with fate and the dangers of getting burned in the process.  The Inspiration came from life experience and a song lyric…
“a paper trail leads to choking smoke, but you know you lit the match yourself so play the burning cards that you were dealt.”  To me it raises the question; would you put out the inferno and raise the bet or fold and be consumed by the flames and ruin?


Diana-Marie Haddad
Title: “Cosmos” 
Price: NFS 
I wanted to create a piece that was very dynamic by using diagonal and curved lines to imply motion. I kept in mind the placement of each color in addition to color harmony. This was accomplished by my use of complementary, tertiary, triadic, and split complementary colors.

Hannah Walk
Title:  Walt Whitman
Price: $50
This piece was inspired by Walt Whitman’s book Leaves of Grass. The book contains a number of Whitman’s most famous poems, including “Song of Myself” and “I Sing the Body Electric.” When drawing the piece, I was considering what grass might look like from the perspective of an ant. What, from above, is a single and insignificant blade of grass might be a much larger and more significant leaf from an ant’s angle.

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