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Singles Awareness Day

| Valentine's Day

      This blog is for the single ladies. Happy Singles Awareness Day
If you are dreading February fourteenth, simply because it reminds 
you that you are alone, STOP; it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. 
Instead of drowning your sorrows in chocolate and chick flicks, try 
throwing a party! Gather round all ye singletons and join in the 
celebration of a singles’ Valentine’s Day!
     Just because you are single doesn’t mean you are alone… it may feel like you are the only student on campus who doesn’t have a semi-significant other, but I guarantee you aren’t. This Valentine’s Day, make friend dates, or else use the alone time to accomplish something you are looking forward to but have been putting off, like reading a good book, watching a movie, going for a run, or hanging out with that friend you never remember to call but love hanging out with when you get the time!
     Make a resolution this Valentine’s Day to not revel in your
lonely sorrow but to get up and make this February 14th a fun, drama free, friends day. Don’t let the couples steal your thunder. Look at it this way, you don’t owe anyone any presents, no one will let you down because they didn’t get the just right materialistic present, and, if you are craving chocolate and flowers, you know your favorite type so you probably won’t let yourself down by forgetting what you told yourself you liked! 

Happy Single’s Awareness Day!

~ Dawn Lowe

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