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Peer Mentors Grateful for Community Support

| Peer Mentoring

     Over the course of two days, both of which offered beautiful Florida sunshine, the Peer Mentors raised over $700 selling used library books and home-baked goods. Some of the baked goods included Gretchen’s famous cheesecake brownies, Mrs. Paul’s decadent red velvet cupcakes, and Mrs. Brewer’s awesome oatmeal cookies. Rare and hard-to-find books were also being sold by the Peer Mentors, one of which was sold for $32! The event was a huge success, in no small part, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Chandler and her husband Kevin, as well as the Lambda Epsilon Omega fraternity. 
     Thank you to all who supported the peer mentoring program either by donating items or by buying them!
~ Braden Walter
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