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Life Coaching at Beacon College- Just What is Life Coaching?

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      A wise man once said, “Life is a series of goals.” Sometimes in life we set out with a plan to achieve a goal and a wholehearted desire to follow it, but for some reason we fall short of reaching our target. In many cases, not only do we fail to reach our goal, but we barely fulfill the initial requirements to get going. Why is that? What happens after that sudden burst of an idea that is full of energy and motivation? Where does our get-up-and-go go? After several days, weeks, or even months, the idea fades and the drive to reach the goal dwindles day by day. For many people, the will to stay dedicated only continues if they are facing an impending deadline or a hefty reward that is quickly attainable — as opposed to those rewards that won’t be seen for months or even years from now. Over time, all sorts of situations can arise that knock us off track, such as unexpected family situations and social dilemmas. Unfortunately, in many cases there is no one there to remind us of the goals that we left behind and to ask us why we have stopped making progress toward it. This is the accountability factor which is so central to life coaching. We all need someone to keep us on track and make sure that what we say with our mouths we follow through with in our actions. 

     Life coaching involves three basic principles: goal setting, taking action steps, and having accountability. A life coach first helps you make your goals clear in your mind. Together, we determine if your goals are realistic and attainable. For example, it may be difficult to fulfill your dream of walking on the moon if you have no interest in NASA. Next, the life coach helps you onto your road of success by creating a plan of action. These are the little steps that must be achieved to reach your goal. If you do not meet your action steps, the life coach will ask questions to find out what got you off track. Seeking answers to those questions is how your life coach holds you accountable to your commitments to reaching your target and helps you get back your get-up-and-go.
     This service is available to any interested student at Beacon College. We would love to work with you.

~ Steve McDaniels

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