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Lunch with Dr. Nesbitt

| Writing Center

On Thursday, February 17th, Peer Writing Center Consultants Dustin Opper and Braden Walter enjoyed a warm and insightful lunch with literature professor Dr. Nesbitt as part of the Lunch with Professors program. Here is what Braden wrote about the experience:

Ms. Le, Mr. Opper, and I recently had lunch with the elusive Dr. Nesbitt. During this lunch, we had the great opportunity to get to know him just a bit better. Dr. Nesbitt started teaching thirteen years ago in the Austin State University Writing Center. Dr. Nesbitt also did a six-year stint as an adjunct English professor at FSU. Go Seminoles!

When asked about the three most important aspects of turning a paper in, Dr. Nesbitt gave a slight grin and without skipping a beat, answered, “Content. The content of a paper is the most important aspect of any paper.” Dr. Nesbitt went on the explain that content is the meat and potatoes of any writing assignment. “You could turn a paper in a week in advance and it wouldn’t do much good if the content was lousy.” The second most important detail to keep in mind before turning in a paper is proofreading and editing. “You would be surprised how often people turn in assignments without any editing.”

At Beacon  College, we have a few nice things. The nicest resource that we have is our Writing Center. The amazing faculty in the Writing Center is there to help you reach your full paper potential. The last tip that the good doctor gave us was timeliness. What Dr. Nesbitt means is that you should turn your paper in on time in order to get full credit for the assignment.

This lunch proved both helpful and informative. Dr. Nesbitt truly cares about Beacon and he is here to help us all reach our full potential. I have a learned a little about myself but a lot about the world. This is Braden saying, “Until next time!”

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