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Camping Trip by Samantha Healy

| Student Work
The event that I attended was the camping trip. It took place this past weekend, January 21-23. The people that were at this event were Rebecca, Mel, Carolyn, Cass, Dustin, James, Chase, Braden, Khiry, David Roberts, Ray, Alex Sweet, Ray, Maria, and Maria’s sons and dog.
The weekend started out great and everyone was having a great time. I was learning how to paddle a canoe with Katie at first, then Maria switched canoes with Katie. When that happened, we were paddling back and forth. We got to a beach and we got stuck on a branch. Then, Maria had to get me to hold a tree in order to get back in the canoe. Once we got there, we got unstuck and started paddling on a tree branch and got stuck. Since I have physical limitations, I have a hard time balancing, so this trip tested everything inside me. Maria had to call for help because she thought that she was going to have hypothermia, so we whistled for help. Before the Sheriff came and got us, this man whose name we later found out was Sean came to our rescue. What happened was he was with his family and he thought the whistles that I was blowing was two kids just fooling around, when it was actually me whistling for the Sheriff. Maria was on the phone with the Sheriff and all of a sudden, this guy Sean wanted her to put the phone down. we were both a little scared at that point. I had a hard time transferring to a new canoe, but we got out of our old one with Sean’s help. Then, we went to get checked out by paramedics, but we had to get an airboat ride for that. The Sheriff’s department, through a church, put Maria and me up at the Tropicana Motel. They provided clothes for us and a place to sleep. I never in my life thought that I would learn how to canoe. As I look back on this past weekend, I am very thankful for life and I would go canoeing again, just not for this long period of time.
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