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Dean of Student Affairs Kerry Greenstein addresses visiting educators during the Professional Fly-in session.

Nearly 100 educational professionals from 24 states descended on Beacon College this week to learn more about the school and its pedagogical strategies during the college’s “Professional 2-Day Fly-in” session.

The eclectic mix of high school counselors, high school transition coordinators, educational consultants, psychologists and other professionals support more than 15,000 students with learning disabilities involved in the college search process.

Educators were treated to a campus tour, faculty panels, and presentations from Beacon’s education experts. President George Hagerty and Provost Shelly Chandler both emphasized the importance of the college’s mission and commitment to support this significant and talented segment of the college-bound population.

In presentations that explored transitions to college, the learning-specialist model, transitions to the workplace and other topics, faculty and staff described, “how the Beacon model continues to deliver outstanding graduation and job placement outcomes for students with diagnosed learning differences,” said Dale Herold, vice president of admissions and enrollment management at Beacon College.

The sessions included a cocktail hour and dinner in downtown Leesburg. During social time, Beacon students shared with the visiting educators their stories and academic struggles — before and after, enrolling at America’s first accredited college or university to award bachelor’s degrees primarily to students who learn differently.