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  • I have read the above information and agree to the terms. If I miss the bus due to my own fault, I agree that I am responsible for locating alternate transportation and I agree that there is no refund from Beacon College. I agree to handle my own luggage. I agree to escort myself to the gate or ticket counter. I agree to limit my bags to a minimum. I agree to be on time. I agree to contact the transportation coordinator, Eric Johnston at 352-638-9784 if any problems with the flight times occur.Reservations will only be made after fees have been collected. I understand that Beacon College cannot provide a make-up shuttle trip.
  • One Way trip is $45.00. There is a discounted rate of $40.00 each way for booking round trip, totaling $80.00. Make checks payable to Beacon College, Credit Cards are accepted. Please complete and return this form to the transportation office, located in the I.T./Campus Safety Building: 118 West Meadow Street, Leesburg Fl. 34748 or e-mail to: