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Rosalyn Johnson, Class of 2009, not only has a busy schedule with academic and professional obligations, she has also been committed to strengthening alumni relations with the College. Rosalyn believes it is important that alumni continue to act as faces and voices for Beacon, shattering misconceptions and showing the community that students with learning disabilities can excel academically and professionally. This commitment has been noticed even by other alums, as is evidenced by the fact that Rosalyn was nominated by a fellow alum to become a member of the first Alumni Council. Elected Secretary, Rosalyn will have a major role in establishing the Council and laying the foundation for alumni relations for years to come.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Rosalyn enrolled at Beacon as a freshman and chose Human Services as her major because of a desire to embark on a career in counseling.  In 2017, she sent us the following update:

“I am a doctorate level practitioner and Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). I am a Clinical Supervisor and the Coordinator of Therapeutic Services at Community Health of South Florida, Inc. in Miami. I oversee and provide total management of the clinical functions of the infant mental health, child/adolescent mental health and substance abuse programs as well as the adult and geriatric mental health and substance abuse programs within the Outpatient Therapeutic Services department. I also maintain a small caseload of clients.”
“As part of my role in Behavioral Health Administration, I provide leadership, administrative, and clinical supervision to my team of clinical staff, which consists of several LCSWs, LMHCs, a LMFT, and a licensed clinical psychologist. Furthermore, I am the site supervisor for Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s students from Florida International University (FIU) completing their practicum and internship at our health center, under my outpatient services department, in which I also provide clinical supervision to on a weekly basis. Furthermore, I oversee and manage two grant funded programs as well as the school-based individual and group therapy services and suicide prevention services provided in Miami Dade County.”

As a student at Beacon, Rosalyn was involved with Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society, president of the campus sorority, a member of Psi Tau Omega, and a participant in the African American Cultural Club, which sponsored a popular annual gala at Venetian Gardens as well as Black History Month activities. She has fond memories of visiting Orlando frequently as a student, going to the clubs and theme parks with friends and participating in the College trips. She calls Beacon a “special place” with a good community feel.