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Course Selection

Students in the Exploration Track will choose one class each from Block A, Block B and Block C. Students in all tracks must choose two of the six available college living skills courses. After you are accepted to the Summer for Success program, you will be invited to complete your course selection online. Courses will fill up, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible if you are interested in specific courses below.

Block A Course Options

Caring for Animals

Do you have a special bond with animals? Come explore animal husbandry and welfare science as you work with our resident animals in Beacon’s Anthrozoology Lab. You’ll share in every aspect of their overall care. This course includes a capstone project.

Creative Writing through Dungeons & Dragons

Students will develop their creative writing skills in an original and imaginative way. Using the table top role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, they will create their own character and world, then interact with the creations of their peers. Through this process, students develop critical improvisation and problem-solving skills to improve communication in every aspect of life.

Animation Techniques

Experience an opportunity to work with the fundamental techniques using 2-D (Adobe Animate®) and 3-D (Autodesk Maya®) animation applications in this introductory class. Learn some basic modeling and motion animation techniques, lighting and camera tools as well as motion and shape tweening – all used in creating animation for gaming and film.

Visual Journaling

Explore the art of visual journaling as it relates to your unique experiences while attending Beacon’s Summer for Success Program. Creative expression and communication will be explored through drawing, painting, collage, writing and sketch notetaking.

User Interface Design with Adobe XD

Students will learn to use Adobe XD® to design intuitive digital interfaces for mobile apps & websites without coding. Students will use XD’s tools, explore user experience (UX) fundamentals, create visually appealing layouts, and develop interactive prototypes. This course teaches students skills in developing responsive designs and collaboration.

Creative Writing: Florida Style

Students will learn to use the writing process through engaging Florida-themed prompts and activities. Themes will include Choose Your Theme Park Character: Elements of a Story, It’s Beach Time: Elevate Your Writing with Descriptions, and Off the Path: Writing About Animals and Adventures. During this class students will utilize Florida themes to write paragraphs and essays using skills learned during class.

Introduction to Robotics

This is an overview of the history, technology, and processes associated with automation and robotics. Explore the engineering design process, learn problem-solving and programming skills to build and code robots to solve real-world, project-based activities.

Introduction to College Reading

One of the major shifts from high school to college is the amount of out-of-class required reading. This course will introduce you to a wide variety of college-level texts — textbooks, novels, articles, or primary sources — and new strategies to enhance global reading skills.

Block B Course Options

Wildlife & Field Conservation

Wildlife is all around you. Investigate local wildlife species by conducting observations at a local green space, document your observations using a professional field journal, and explore Project WILD programs. Includes a capstone project.

Sports Officiating 101

It is often difficult to understand why a referee or umpire would make calls for or against your favorite teams. Explore the importance of a referee or umpire at a sporting event and learn the basics of how to officiate some of the most popular sports. This will include exploring the rulebooks in the classroom and translating the rules to the field!

Video Post-Production

Did you ever wonder what it takes to edit a video or film? This class takes a close look at the post–production process using Adobe Premiere Pro for editing video and audio. We will explore different audio and video editing techniques and tools, graphic design, and special effects. This is a hands-on class. No previous experience needed!

Designing with the Brick

LEGO® bricks are more than just a toy. Many adults have created incredible works of art, mechanics, and architecture from these interlocking building pieces. This class will examine the various elements and design process through LEGO BrickLink Studio 2.0, in addition to hands on problem solving. What happens when you have to modify your design because you do not have the right pieces? Instead of dwelling on the issue, let’s focus on the solution! Develop and challenge your skills in adaptability, flexibility with ideas, spatial awareness, and creativity.

Digital Illustration

Get your creative juices flowing as you create images in Adobe Illustrator®. Discover the power of visual communications as you design images to meet specific goals and learn techniques to create effective messages to inspire, problem solve and motivate. Includes a capstone project.

Human Behavior & Society

Explore human behavior through the lens of biology, psychology and the social environment. Study the theories behind human behavior in different social settings and explore its impact on larger social issues such as oppression, racism and violence.

The Business of the Entertainment Industry

This course offers a broad introduction to the business of entertainment. Students will gain insight into the various facets of the entertainment industry, including film, music, sports, gaming, and live events. Key business factors like talent management, intellectual property, revenue models, and market trends in music, film, television, and gaming industries will be discussed. Through timely real-world case studies, media business analyses, and hands-on projects, students will gain an understanding of the entertainment business’s complexities and opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Today & Tomorrow

What is AI today, and where is it heading? In this course we will explore the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and how these developments impact you as you prepare to go to college. What are the ethical dilemmas of AI? How can we best utilize AI and drive its innovation toward a brighter tomorrow? This course will result in a research-based response to our class-driven questions, helping students better prepare for the rigor of college research, rational problem-solving, and creativity! And yes, we will explore AI in many forms.

Block C Course Options

Musical Theatre Dance

Dance has many benefits, from expressing emotions, exercising, gaining body awareness, and teamwork. This course will cover some dance techniques of posture, body placement, and movement. Intended for intermediate experienced movers, this class will also teach excerpts of choreography from Hairspray, A Chorus Line, and Newsies.

Foundations in Personal Finance

Learn essential money skills to use now — and for the rest of your life. Topics can include budgeting basics, saving and building wealth, becoming a smart spender, college costs, insurance and more!

Digital Audio Studio

Explore the world of audio production for media in this team-based, hands-on course — from using a digital audio workstation to record and produce sound effects to creating music using GarageBand® loops.

Introduction to College Reading

One of the major shifts from high school to college is the amount of out-of-class required reading. This course will introduce you to a wide variety of college-level texts — textbooks, novels, articles, or primary sources — and new strategies to enhance global reading skills.

Graphic Basics with Adobe Express

Students will learn graphic design basics using Adobe Express®. The course will promote an understanding of design principles, color theory, typography, and layout techniques through hands-on projects and industry insights, to understand the importance of becoming productive designers.

Fundamentals of American Sign Language

The five elements are – handshape, movement, palm orientation, location and facial expression. American Sign Language is a very expressive language, and understanding these elements will give you a better understanding of how signs are made and what makes them different.

International Business & Marketing through the Lens of a Traveler

Explore the dynamic world of international business and marketing through the lens of a traveler. From understanding globalization and cultural sensitivity to delving into market entry strategies and emerging trends, students will gain an overview of the global business landscape. Through virtual visits to far away destinations, hands-on activities, and real-world examples, this course also gives students a glimpse of study abroad curriculum from the Business Management degree program at Beacon College.

Math at the Movies – Let’s Go To Mars!

Discover real-world uses of mathematical concepts using The Martian book and film. You’ll look at the engineering design process, engage in academic discourse and join in problem-based team activities. Copyright © 2023 Angel M. Maldonado III, All rights reserved

Independent Living Skills Course Options

Financial Management

Dealing with the financial independence that comes with college can be challenging. Many students aren’t prepared for the consequences of overspending or know how to create a college living budget. This seminar focuses on money management “best practices” to build your awareness of smart spending and teach you the fundamentals of financial literacy.

The Basics of Cooking

You don’t have to turn to the Food Network to learn to cook! This seminar series will explore easy recipes that the whole family can enjoy. You’ll look at food safety fundamentals, learn meal preparation tips and tricks, and see cooking demonstrations to enhance culinary creativity.

Emotional Self-Care

The transition to college can be stressful and can challenge your mental well-being. This seminar series looks at strategies around emotional self-care. You’ll learn helpful mindfulness techniques, new ways of processing your thoughts and emotions, and prosocial behaviors to enhance your personal well-being.

Essentials of Community Living

Learn the fundamentals of creating an organized and clean living space in a college residence hall. You’ll participate in practical strategies and learn to better understand how to independently manage your own living space.

Group Workouts

Staying active is key to mental and physical well-being at every stage of life. You’ll participate in daily fitness classes and explore different ways to work out and remain healthy. Classes will range from cardiovascular exercises to yoga and Zumba.

Mastering College Relationships

Socialization and establishing age-appropriate relationships are some of the biggest worries of both students and families in the transition to college. Mastering College Relationships focuses on techniques and practical experiences to overcome this concern. It includes active role playing, challenging tasks, and reflections.