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Beacon College is celebrating 25 years of academic excellence in the arena of higher education for students with learning disabilities and ADHD. Since its founding, the College has remained true to the singular mission established by a pioneering group of parents who believed that, with the appropriate focus and resources, students with learning differences could master a competitive baccalaureate curriculum and pursue an ambitious life course. On Sunday, October 12th, the College and its many friends will gather for a ceremony and celebratory luncheon to recognize those individuals who have inspired and greatly contributed to the success of Beacon’s distinct mission and vision.

The Founders Day event is part of the College’s yearlong celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Beacon’s chartering. In an effort to include as many families of current students as possible, the event has been scheduled for the end of Parents Weekend.

Founded in 1989, the College was the first institution of higher education in the nation to establish academic degree programs at the baccalaureate level for students with learning disabilities, and the first such institution granted accreditation for this purpose. Beacon College is now a national community (serving students from 32 states), and proudly possesses an international reach (with seven countries represented).

Fifteen honorees will be recognized at the Founders Day ceremony, including current and previous members of the Board of Trustees, the College’s longest serving President, and the longest serving employee and faculty member.

Dr. George J. Hagerty, Beacon’s President, said of the Founders Day ceremony, “At last, the Beacon community is able to call together some of the great “influencers and shapers” of the College. We have the privilege of publicly and proudly recognizing and thanking these most remarkable of individuals for the pioneering work and tenacity that set Beacon’s educational legacy in motion.”

GaryKarton The keynote speaker for this historical event will be author Gary Karton. Karton is a former reporter for The Washington Post, co-author of the non-fiction book No Free Lunch, and is the creator of the popular Brody Boondoggle series, fantasy adventure stories for younger readers. As an individual with dyslexia, Karton is uniquely poised to deliver a powerful keynote message.