Visiting Student Program

Every Year, Institutions Lose Bright Students with Learning Differences

Student Working at ComputerThe Beacon College Visiting Student Program is a focused living and learning experience specially created to help struggling college students. These at-risk students are often not able to advance to higher level courses at their college or university. These bright students, unable to pass critical gateway courses, are prevented from moving forward in their academic studies.

Students in Jeopardy of Losing Federal Financial Aid Funding

In addition, students who find themselves in this circumstance, may also be in jeopardy of losing eligibility for federal financial aid. In order for students to receive continued federal funding students must satisfy federally mandated Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) criteria. The SAP standards are generally noted in the College or University’s catalogue and are described on the College website. If students do not meet SAP standards they are only eligible for one additional semester (grace period) of federal aid funding. However, during the grace period semester, students are required to raise their GPA and/or the required number of credits accumulated towards their degree, to be considered in good academic standing.

Beacon College Visiting Students Program Can Help

Transferable College Credits

Students learningBeacon’s Visiting Student Program may be an opportunity for a student to enroll for 12-15 credits (4-5 courses) at Beacon College. The student will have the advantage of experiencing Beacon’s educational model. The Beacon educational model assists the student in building necessary skills to be successful in college. Upon completion of the semester, the student can transfer the Beacon College credits back to the previous college or university. Enrolling in the Visiting Student Program could be a good option for students who seek more intense academic and social-emotional guidance and strategies to accomplish their goal of a college degree.

Note: Credits earned at Beacon College are transferrable, however current Beacon students who are transferring to another college OR visiting college students should always check with the receiving institution to confirm acceptance of earned course credits.

Skills That Stick: Collaborative Transition Plan

Student SuccessAt the conclusion of the Visiting Student Program, students will receive an individualized transition plan that focuses on adapting skills and strategies learned from Beacon College and applying them to your home university.  Each student will receive direct guidance on methods of accessing campus support, identification of additive services, and concrete methods of increasing social engagement on your campus.  Each transition plan will be tailored to the specific of your home university and surrounding area, and will be differentiated based on strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

Added Benefits

Our trained faculty and counselors will help students:

  • Identify specific barriers to their academic success
  • Determine their unique learning style and best approaches for learning
  • Discover practical strategies and tools to regain their academic footing, aided by an extensive system of personal support

Visiting Student Grants

Ranging from $1000 to $12,000 per semester are available based on student needs.

To Apply

Students enrolled in Beacon College’s Visiting Student program should submit the following items for admission:

  • Beacon College Application for Admission
  • High school transcripts
  • Current/in progress college transcripts
  • Documentation of a learning disability (one of three)
  • Traditional psychoeducational evaluation (preferred)
  • HS IEP/504 plan
  • Accommodations checklist (form) or proof of disability support at current/previous college

Applicants will also be interviewed by a Beacon college admissions representative.

Apply Now

To Learn More, Contact:

Stephanie Knight, M.Ed.
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Phone: 855-220-5376