Peace of mind.

Counseling and Wellness CenterThe Beacon College Counseling and Wellness Center employs a strengths-based approach to help students reduce psychological distress, develop interpersonal skills, and nurture a stable sense of self to accomplish their academic and personal goals.

Counseling Staff

Tanisha McIntosh

Dana Manzo
Vice President, Division of Student Affairs
Phone: 352-638-9751

Lydia Kritzman

Sommer Mooneyhan
Assistant Director of Counseling
Phone: 352-638-9766

Noah Callard

Ali Hall
Phone: 352-787-4616

Daejianna Clairborne

Venus Beulah
Phone: 352-638-9797

Autumn Hall

Christina Noval
Phone: 352-787-2198

Shane Silva

Bethanie Sylvaince
Phone: 352-787-0685

Commonly Addressed Concerns

Emotional issues: stress, anger, loneliness, guilt, grief, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.
Developmental issues: adjustment to college, homesickness, life transitions, interpersonal difficulties, and identity (personal, cultural, sexual, gender).
Substance use: related to mild alcohol or other drug use.
Academic: performance anxiety, perfectionism, or mental health issues that affect academics.


  • Short-term individual counseling
  • Consultations
  • Group counseling
  • Skill-building workshops
  • Bridging services to community resources
  • Crisis intervention
  • On-campus screenings


Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (while school is in session)


115 Cleveland Street, Leesburg, Florida

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Other Resources

The Beacon Wellness Line: 833-434-1217
A 24/7 confidential support line designed to offer immediate services to help you manage your concerns. You will be connected to a licensed mental health professional ready to help you.
Common reasons students may call include:

  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress
  • Having suicidal thoughts
  • Relationship problems or worries
  • Grief and loss
  • Help with coping skills
  • Support between therapy session or waiting to see a therapist

Suicide Prevention Hotline: call or text 988
If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or having a suicidal crisis, anonymously call or text the suicide prevention hotline to speak with someone and receive free counseling.

Confidentiality Notice

The counselors at the Counseling and Wellness Center take confidentiality very seriously. Health privacy laws protect each student’s mental health records. Student information cannot be shared with a third party without a written and signed consent.

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