Community Outreach

Education for Educators Program

Beacon professor lecturingBeacon College is proud to offer community outreach to local areas through our Education for Educators Program. Thanks to a generous grant from the Shire Foundation, this program was developed in January of 2012. Beacon College has been exclusively serving students with learning disabilities and ADHD for 25 years. With that experience, the staff and faculty have expertise in the field, having learned the most effective strategies for best working with students in this population. The goal of the Education for Educators Program is to spread that awareness and knowledge of learning disabilities to a wider audience, promoting understanding of appropriate accommodations.

Workshops are designed to provide facts and teaching strategies specifically focused on one learning disability, such as dyslexia or dysgraphia, as well as other related conditions such as ADHD or autism spectrum disorders. These interactive workshops are presented to teachers in Lake County by Susan Ward, a veteran in the field of education.

Now entering its third year, the Education for Educators Program has become very successful. A total of 370 school employees were trained in 2013. Workshops were presented in both private and public schools, and outreach extended beyond Lake County.

Sample Presentations:

ADHD-Middle School

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Learning Disabilities