Travel and Semester Abroad

Travel Abroad

The world can be your classroom.

The world today is a much smaller place. The Internet, economical transport, faster travel times and complex trade agreements have helped to create a global marketplace. Travel abroad was always desirable for a well-rounded education; today it’s virtually essential.

Beacon’s two international cultural studies programs are specifically structured for our students. We intend them to be life-changing experiences that will provide global perspective, new intellectual challenges, opportunity to build deeper friendships, new understanding of guiding principles and a chance to lay the groundwork for new dreams and ambitions.

Travel Abroad

Beacon’s Travel Abroad program is a directed excursion offered during the summer term. Typical Travel Abroad experiences last 3 weeks and emphasize out-of-classroom learning. The focus is often cultural or historical, but can also center on environmental or scientific exploration, as in our trips to Galapagos and Alaska. Any enrolled Beacon student may apply. Costs vary depending upon location.

New Zealand
Galapagos Islands


Our upcoming Travel program will visit South America, exploring the three countries of Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Students, family members, friends and alumni interested in this trip may view the itinerary and sign up through Explorica, Tour ID:  Chandler-6506 or contact for more information.

Semester Abroad

Beacon in TuscanyThe Semester Abroad program offers an immersive cultural experience over the course of an academic semester. 30 qualifying Beacon students, accompanied by a learning specialist and a program director, live and study in Prato, Italy for the entire term. Courses are conducted by both Beacon faculty and resident adjuncts and focus on subjects that make the most of local cultural and environmental resources. Numerous organized excursions ensure that students gain the broadest possible exposure to the unique environment.

To qualify, students must usually be in their junior (3rd) year of study and have at least a 2.5 GPA. Accommodation is provided in a local hotel or guest house and is on par with our campus residence halls. Because we believe that travel abroad should be open to everyone with interest and demonstrated ability, tuition and fees are the same as at Leesburg; travel and incidentals are not included.

Visit the Beacon in Tuscany page for a complete overview of the program.

Contact for more information.

Expand your boundaries.