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Nihon E No Ryūgaku (Study Abroad in Japan)

As part of the Beacon in Tokyo, you’ll experience an unforgettable opportunity to study in one of the most populous cities in the world. Each semester’s coursework is organized around a central theme with instruction provided by Beacon faculty. Students live and study in Tokyo with regular trips to popular historic and contemporary sites of interest.


Living in Musashi-Kosugi in the Nakahara Ward, you’ll be in a commuter suburb southwest of Tokyo. Archaeologists have found numerous Kofun period remains in the area, indicating human settlement from as early as 300 AD. The area is largely a regional commercial center, hosting Fujitsu’s main branch. Spectators can take in soccer and track events at Todoroki Stadium and basketball at Todoroki Arena. Noodle bars and izakayas (Japanese bars that serve inexpensive dishes) are also popular spots in the area.

Living and Learning

You’ll lodge at the Crevia Will Musashi-Kosugi, a residential living space for students. Offering private rooms, the facility also includes a gym, multi-purpose room, rooftop garden, an outdoor terrace, cafeteria, and laundry room. It is located within walking distance of three stations, providing easy transfer access to the large terminal stations for travel throughout Japan.

Extra Curricular Activities

Students are invited to exercise their curiosity by exploring the nearby shops and sights of Musashi-Kosugi, and students will participate in guided excursions informed by their coursework that facilitate a more immersive experience. Throughout a series of immersive field trips, you will delve into the fascinating worlds of automotive manufacturing, cutting-edge electronics and gaming technology, sustainable agriculture practices, resourceful mining operations, and shipbuilding. During weekends and breaks, students may also travel to other parts of Tokyo and Japan.

Learn More About Study Abroad

To learn more about class credits for study abroad opportunities, contact Dr. Shelly Chandler at schandler@beaconcollege.edu.