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Sandy & Suzy On Saturday, January 24, Web & Digital Media Professor Sandy Novak and student Suzy Finlon spent the day at Rollins College, attending AIGA Orlando’s one day conference “Re: Solutions.” The primary goal of the conference was to encourage the use of creativity in leadership positions. The start of the new year provided a great opportunity to reflect on the importance of creative thinking and to consider possibilities for the future.
The conference consisted of morning workshop sessions, with hands on learning of new tools, and afternoon lectures from thought provoking speakers in the field. 
Sandy and Suzy attended two different workshops. One focused on the business aspect of web CLASS design, including the process of developing a Web site and meeting the needs of the client. Another was given by a freelance graphic designer who specializes in hand lettering and illustrator who used her own experiences as the basis for the presentation. She provided a blueprint for succeeding as a freelance designer.
The entire day provided great information for Finlon, who is just beginning her studies in the field of Web & Digital Media at Beacon College. Suzy declared the experience a beneficial one, especially in that she was “able to hear different perspectives from different designers… what I learned gave me more confidence to go forward in my degree.”